CHRIS WELLS: Bolton; The Final Frontier

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5 Responses

  1. Barrie greatorex says:

    More of the same rear end of a Bull mess. Come on for pity’s sake the VONC was concerning texts by a girl he was seeing, who was in contact with a former boyfriend when sending private messages to that same boyfriend. Nothing to do with politics running a political party or any other attributes he may or may not have or had.Those were decided on by a leadership election. You are just wanting a re run of that election because you did not like the result.Just like the remain campaigners we are supposed to be fighting. You are no wat imaginable true Kuip believers, the NEC are acting like a Board of Directors shutting out the shareholders from knowing just what they are up to.

  2. David Allen says:

    Failing, of course to mention the unbounded authoritarian control of the NEC that may yet lead to bankruptcy of the party. Somebody has to be in control. Better that be the leader, elected through a more thorough examination as opposed to the NEC elected by tombola.

    I find Chris’s arguments unconvincing and a little shallow. He may be well advised to spend his time getting his arguments out to the people of Thanet, which I do not think he is succeeding in at the moment. 2019 isn’t all that far away.

    • John Bickley says:

      You seem to forget David that the collective NEC are elected by considerably more members than was Mr Bolton.

      Anyway, it’s time for everyone to decide whether to consign the last few weeks to history and focus on working together for the future of UKIP or continue rehashing the Bolton saga, groundhog day style.

      This post is my last public pronouncement on the ‘Bolton Affair’.

  3. Alex H says:

    Liberals are garbage.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    It is simply a choice between right and wrong ! Bolton continuing is wrong, therefore we correct the wrong !

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