BREXIT CAMPAIGN: Email The Lords To Stop Them Blocking Brexit

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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    ALL THOSE IN THE HOUSE OF PEERS, it is time that you knew your place as the unelected house !
    You will be giving thought to an item that the people have voted on, and a clear Democratic decision was reached. Think well on your deliberations, because The Lords will be changed at some point in the future, and if you get the decision on our leaving the EU wrong, that point in the future will be sooner than you think. It is time for you to back the people’s wishes, not to oppose it !

  2. Gordon Freeman says:

    I would really appreciate it if you the Lords didn’t block brexit this was a democratic vote won by brexit, you and the remainers seem to have forgotten what democracy is. This will cause a lot of trouble if you go against the vote of the people you should be backing tge peopke not thinking about your own pockets. We will never forgive you if you block it and that’s a promise.

  3. June Gill says:

    Dear Lords and Ladies,

    Could you please remember on 23rd June 2016, a referendum for the British people was held, it said “Do you want to stay in the E.U” or “Do you wish to leave”. The majority voted to leave, this was a democratic vote and as such you should do as the people asked. This means completely out of the E.U. Remember you are un-elected and as such should not defy the people of the United Kingdom. We do not want a watered down Brexit, we want it as was stipulated in the Manifesto and that was 100% OUT.

  4. Pamela Preedy says:

    You are not elected, ‘Lords’ and we the voting public think there are far too many of you who do very little for far too much of OUR money paid in taxes. So tread carefully and do not thwart the wishes of 17.4m people who categorically voted LEAVE in the Referendum. LEAVE means LEAVE the EU and its whole apparatus of anti-democratic despotism. No quibbles, no ifs or buts, no watering down, no playing for time, no holding out for a second referendum, no backing down, no giving in, no doom & gloom speculations, no kowtowing to the fickle French and the bossy Germans, no looking out for the economic demands of the already-rich, no political shenanigans of any description, no blocking. In the mid-17th century the House of Lords was abolished and ordinary people did not miss its self-serving ways. Nor would we now.

  5. Barry. Davies says:

    The populace of Great Britain and Northern Ireland were given the chance to decide on our futures .regarding the eu, we voted to leave it including the single market, and customs union and to be free of control from Brussels, any attempt by an unelected body to keep us in the clutches of an unelected body in Brussels is not what we wanted when we voted to leave democratically I hope that the upper house can see this and votes accordingly on the withdrawal bill.

  6. My Lords

    Your Right Honourable and Noble colleague Lord Strathclyde recently reminded your Lordship’s House that you are all unelected and risk the abolition of of your Noble House if you continue to oppose the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.

    I urge you to heed his warning and take it that the drive to abolish your Lordship’s House for undermining the democratic decision of the British people is not so much a threat as as a PROMISE!

  7. My Lords

    Your Right Honourable and Noble colleague Lord Strathclyde recently warned your Lordship’s that as you are unelected you risk abolition if you continue to oppose the EU (Withdrawal) Bill.
    I would ask you to heed his warning
    I have made it a lifetimes work to see OUR country leave the EEC/EU
    I will add to that the abolition of your Lordships House if you underminine the democratic majority vote of the British people in leaving the EU.

  8. F Williams says:


  9. Nicki Wilson says:

    Fully agree with all the above comments. We voted to leave the EU – lock, stock and barrel – we must now get it done, no more concessions and shilly-shallying.

  10. Jo Mortimer says:

    We voted to leave by over a Million so do what the people want.

  11. David martin says:

    Our own rules,waters,no more migrants taking our money ,trade free with anybody .

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