WATCH: Veterans Against Terrorism Announce They Will Join UKIP ‘En Masse’.

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28 Responses

  1. John Carins says:

    Great news.

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    This is great news for UKIP – bring it on! (party egotists beware!)

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Things are just getting better and better, now that we have removed the bad smell. Gerard Batten for interim leader is one item of good news, and our Services Veterans coming on board is the cherry on the top. I am not in the least surprised at that news, due to the manifesto being as good as it is, and the Party has come through the wash, whiter than white. I look to be an optimist, and since the future is not written, I expect to see UKIP making the future !

  4. Debbie Lovell says:

    Thank you VAT’s and we welcome you as brothers and sisters in arms.

  5. Brenda Rattle says:

    It is wonderful to see Gerard Batten step up to the plate and become our interim leader. Thanks and blessings to you Gerard. Already, we can see the positive aura he is bringing to the revitalisation of UKIP.

    Veterans, if you do now join us I would like to say how very welcome you will be.

    Kind regards.

  6. Serena Lonton says:

    Only one word is needed – FANTASTIC!!!

  7. Rob McWhirter says:


  8. Debbie Lovell says:

    I agree, the cavalry has arrived just in the nick of time. It makes me very proud as we have been ridiculed for so long, perhaps now they will take us seriously and sit up and take notice of us the ‘swamp’ people. (Henry’s terminology not mine)

  9. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    I hope all the veterans take advantage of the reduced membership fee and also the NEC quickly reverses the unjustified increase in the membership for ordinary members.
    In fact let’s reduce the fee to £15 or even lower and treble the membership at the same time. Why on earth do we want to be charging more than the LibLabCons for party membership ??

  10. Rob Bryant says:

    I was at the EGM in Birmingham with the coach load from the South West, and spoke to many from elsewhere in the country.
    UKIP’s problems have been at the top but the heart of UKIP is the membership and looking at the packed hall yesterday I saw not individuals but each one represented family, friends and neighbours unable to come.
    UKIP is still there but I hope that we are now able to re-constitute the grouping we had in Grassroots Out, where Labour members did not have to leave the Labour party, Tories did not have to leave the Tory party and UKIPpers did not have to abandon UKIP.’I say to our new leadership get all those opposed to the EU united under one banner and we’ll be overwhelmed by the support that is waiting out there to join us.

  11. Joe Tone says:

    Vets and FLA have people in their groups that publicly demonised Tommy Robinson and Anne Marie Waters. they are not racists and have been fighting the fight longer than Vets and FLA .. Tommy and Anne need to be given the respect and included to bring all together

  12. Great news. Please dont cock it up.

  13. Ian Edwards says:

    This could be the long awaited – and needed – tipping point for UKIP; the switch from being a one-trick ‘anti-EU’ party to a ‘pro-Peoples’ party. In other words the new political direction and identity it needs to continue in the future post-Brexit world. I gained the sense from the video that the interim leader is also anticipated to become the elected leader to carry all this through which is an assumption though if GB does stand and the VATs do all join up they will have the rump sufficient to elect him outright. That done perhaps this could indeed mark the beginning of the end to the Marxist Labour party and I imagine UKIP will still continue to draw from the Tory party so perhaps the first clutch of UKIP MPs at the next election is possible. Celebrations certainly seem in order today however and we will see what GB’s next move is.

  14. Paula Walters says:

    Welcome lads, United we stand

  15. Debbie Lovell says:

    We need to all march in the same direction now.

  16. Ceri Jayes says:

    Brilliant news.

  17. Anthony Trotter says:

    Good news from both sides, we still have a solid base of supporters and now it seems it will grow again faster than expected. Let us give Mr. Batten a chance to get us back in the public eye for good reasons, something that Mr. Bolton could not or would not do. Welcome to the Veterans.

  18. Nicki Wilson says:

    Welcome to Gerard Batten and the Veterans. YI sounds very positive and raring to go too. So, here’s to a bright future for Ukip and the people of this great country of ours.

  19. Karen Welsby says:

    Watch your backs, lads. Those in power will,not like this. I am a member if UKIP so this is good news to me.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Same here Karen. In the optional bolt-on extra to UKIP, I withheld my membership fee, and told them so. Now with some clean air to breath I will rectify this shortcoming !

  20. I always remember the words of a retired Army General who had joined UKIP in the early days. I spoke to him a few times and expressed my fears that it could take a great deal of time for our nation to fight its way out of the powerful EU. He just said, “Don’t worry. All will be well. Better a 100 year war than a thousand year Reich ” ~ which is exactly what the EU leaders now hope will come about.! We escaped just in time! God is clearly on our side.

  21. Roger Turner says:

    The last comment on here is 20/2/18. you will notice today is Sunday 25th.
    More than a week has passed since “Glorious Saturday”, as they say a week is a long time in Politics.
    I had heard Gerard expected to complete his list of spokespeople by the end of this week and I believe there is a meeting of the NEC this coming Monday. I would assume this will be the occasion to present his agenda, Spokespeople, Policies and new member agreements.
    I welcome the news about the vets en masse joining intentions, I am hoping they will bring a host of new ideas and inject a dose of pizazz into our street presence.
    I trust we will not find this new impetus is not a false dawn.
    I`m looking for early substantial increase in our numbers because time is of the essence
    So welcome Vets, but let`s see your boots on the ground soon.

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