NATHAN RYDING: I am Extremely Confident That UKIP and Young Independence Will Have A Great Relationship Going Forward

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7 Responses

  1. Rob McWhir says:

    Good luck!

  2. Russell Hicks says:

    Well written Nathan.

    Here’s something you might like to send to lefty friends (we all know a few!)

    It might open their eyes:

  3. Silvie Steven says:

    Failure to see the importance of the youth in the party was a huge mistake. Youth is not only the future of this party but also this country, glad you stood your ground.

    • Rhys Burriss says:

      Yes ~ just one more of many many examples of the total lack of political nous the NightmareFromWhichWeHaveNowAwoken suffered from .
      We need the energy ( and frankly the additional credibility) which Y.I. members bring far more than we need slices of their meagre incomes. A pound a month should be the abs. max we seek to get them to pay.
      Far better to have X YI ers paying a pound a month than half or a third that number paying £20 a year.

  4. Serena Lonton says:

    Things are looking up, and so they should. I fully agree that the YI members should pay a lower membership fee, and that they should have an equal platform along with us oldies! Well done to you all, and keep going.

  5. Rhys Burriss says:

    Nathan ~you needed to have had a sex change before that nutcase would have given you the time of day.

    Anyway – the LongNightmareFromWhichWeHaveNowAwoken is over. Daylight is visible….

    PLEASE let us never mention again by name that individual who did the Party ( and himself, his infant children, his wife into the bargain ) such harm. ENough already ! He is DeadToUs !

    I am based in Durham and about three years ago there was an attempt to start a University UkipBranch. Sadly it all fell by the wayside when the one or two students who started to get it going basically felt they were going to be ostracised and have a bad time socially if they persisted.
    It would be useful to know if there are any Univ. branches of Y.I. which don’t have that problem, or have less of it.
    I suspect it’s a chicken and egg thing : if there is a critical mass of students then the social pariah thing doesn’t work ~but how do you get to that critical mass ?
    So sad that Universities ~ of all places ~should be such stubborn repositories of GroupThink that even academics are frightened to come out of their ProBrexitCloset .

    YES ~certainly the memb. fee for YIers must be put back to what it was. This should be on the Agenda for next Monday’s NEC Mtg.
    The proper way to achieve an increase in Party funds from the membership is to increase the numbers of members, not to put the fee up.
    And the way to achieve an increase in member numbers is to proclaim unapologetically half a dozen core policies which probably most of the country would agree as sensible ( but which the LIBLABCON condemn as bigoted / racist / etc. )
    One of my proposed Core Policies ( see below) is for a Complete Moratorium on All New Immigration for five years whilst we seek to address the terrible housing shortage affecting particularly those in their 20s and 30s who currently have no prospect of getting their own place.
    I believe that this is extremely important to explain, especially to young people / students who seem to have not noticed that if 2 plus 2 still equals 4 then the amount of houses and flats available is affected by the numbers requiring them ~and we just cannot build enough houses to accommodate all the people in the world that would like to come here.
    When I made this point forcefully at a Durham Univ Hustings in 2015 I found it got a lot of recognition from the audience ( you might still find it online somewhere ).

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    What was a Bolt-on has now dropped off and lost. His problem with the truth, and with women and family, blunted my enthusiasm, but the off-hand snub to Y.I. was not the action of a leader. Anyway, we are shot of the fool !
    I trust all connections twix UKIP and Y.I. are now restored, and we look forward to the future together.

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