WATCH: Gerard Batten – I Will Be Cutting UKIP Membership Fees By AT LEAST £15

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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24 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    Great start! Keep it up.

  2. Amanda Heafey says:

    As the NEC paid for 3 coaches to take anti Bolton members to Birmingham for the vote, I (1) wish to know who the hell gave them the right to use UKIP money for such, and (2) when will everyone else have their travel expenses paid back? Surely not to do so would mean that the NEC is guilty of buying votes!

  3. Anthony Mallon says:

    If UKIP want to boost membership they could do so without cutting fees (even increase them) by offering monthly or quarterly payments.

  4. I’m liking what I’m hearing from Gerard Batten so far. He is right to lower the membership fee, especially for young members to continue to support the party. I hear they were very disappointed with Henry Bolton’s lack of interest in them for their campaigning efforts, for which they never even got a thank you. I have been a UKIP voter in the past, but never a member which I am now thinking about. Keep it up Gerard.

    • Anthony Mallon says:

      If my memory serves, I have always paid £30 fees in the 4 years or so I have been a member. When was it £15?
      Deliberately misleading?

      • Jim Stanley. says:

        Mr Mallon, if you actually locked at the web membership form from that time, yes the prefered option was for £30 but there was also an option of a £12 minimum for those who could not afford the £30. I have no idea of the other prices, as I did not fit them, but for 2 of my 5 years, as a medically retired person, short of cash I took the £15 option. a general plea, please, everyone, beforeaccusations please check your facts. Not understanding the possible outrcomes has possibly cost the Party £200,000, by not understanding the costs when an outcome did not meet expectations. I think the £15 option was a good move, it opened full membership to those of reduced means, and i do not think that many people who could afford the £30 took an unfair advantage, I only took this option because, following the death of my wife my income more than halved, without this option I would not have served on the committee of my local Branch, rising to Chair, and now County Organiser, paying the £3 a month option. I would not even be a member without the £15 option. So please, check your facts before putting pen to paper!

        • Jim Stanley. says:

          Sorry, a typo, it was the £15 minimum option I refer to.

        • Anthony Mallon says:

          Listen, get off your high horse!
          I knew nothing about any “special offers”, so I asked the question. Why are you so bloody defensive?
          I suggested that UKIP make monthly/quarterly payments an option.
          Should I have requested written permission from the NEC before making such bold suggestions?
          Thanks for helping me make my mind up about non-renewal anyway!

          • Jim Stanley. says:

            Mr Mallon, no horse of any size, just a request to check your facts before before implying that people were misled. I am not being defensive, simply seeking to correct a mistake. If I could find and pay £15 for 2 years, surely many others did as well. As we are very aware, a snap decision before checking the facts can be very costly. A carpenter has a very good rule to avoid mistakes “Measure Twice Cut Once” I suggest you do likewise Sir. I also see no need for even mild expletives to be used with, what is, a well meaning comment on the accuracy of your post.

            • Anthony Mallon says:

              I give in with egotistical people like you, so bloody full of yourselves. Exactly what is wrong with UKIP – everyone wants to be leader!
              I’m outta here!

              • Jim Stanley says:

                Mr Mallon, why the offensive tone? You made a simple error when you missed the £15 option when dealing with your membership, surely in any debate it is important that any facts quoted are accurate. I have no desire to be Leader, I do not have what it takes certainly not the experience or media presence for the job. I fail to recognise that any ego i may or may or have has anything to do with our discourse. Am I full of myself, that is for others to judge, I sought to correct a minor mistake, and have received a personal attack for so doing, maybe you should look to the faults you display in the ego department before insulting others in an open forum.
                In any debate, the man who resorts to a personal attack, swearing, even in a mild manner, has lost the debate before the matter reaches the vote. You have made many good points here on this and other subjects, but because of your manner of debate, these helpful observations are ignored. Personal insults may have their place in other political Parties, but the UKIP I belong to and the members I represent simply do not behave in such a manner, certsinly not in an open public forum such as KipperCentral or sny other publication.

                • Anthony Mallon says:

                  I have no further interest in UKIP so just stop bloody harrassing me!

                  • Jim Stanley says:

                    Sorry Mr Mallon, but I must respond to your unfounded accusation. In my initial reply to you I merely pointed out a factual error, and wsas sworn at, your responce ws a further accusation and again swearing. If indeed there is harrasment going on it is not from my side. I even complimented your on some of your posts, hardly the action of a person harrasing you.I have merely stated fact, and had a stream of abuse. If this is the highest level of debate you are able to muster, maybe you are correct in not wishing to have anything more to do with UKIP, the only Party where opposing views are debated reasonably, and should a concrnsus not be reached, all views are respected without rancour.Goodbye Sir.

                  • Jim Stanley says:

                    Mr Mallon, I fail to see how I could be guilty of harassing you. I merely corrected a factual mistake, to be over a number of posts, of having a high horse, being an egotist with Leadership ambitions and sworn at every opportunity, all for having the timerirty to correct a simple overlooked fact. Far ftom my harrassing you, it is the other way round, i even congratulated you on some of your comments, hardly the actions of my harrasing you. It would seem that in a debate, when an opinion expressed does not fit your view, you resort to abuse and swearing, I had to check I was on a UKIP forum, normally the home of measured civilised debate where when concensus is not reached, we agree to differ without rancour. Maybe you are right, this Party is not for you? Goodbye Sir.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Please, with immediate effect, stop the referencing to Bolton’s time. We have dealt with that mistake now, and we need to address only the future. Indeed, why mention someone who was only interested in himself and his financial take and suggestion of a continuing, unmovable Fuhrer ? – A wretched little man !

  6. PETER HEATHER says:

    I must agree with Mr. Batten. I look forward to the decreased membership fee I hope that there will be a concession for the many OAPs in the party many of whom are veterans.

    Peter Heather ( Vice Chairman Yeovil &taunton Deane )

  7. Ian Gilmour says:

    Good, I will renew my membership now when the subscription is reduced. I would like to see it reduced to £5.00 and then you will see millions join I am sure.

  8. Fay says:

    Was Henry a mole?
    He used to support the Liberal Democrats.
    Why was UKIP taken in by him?
    Are there any more moles?

  9. Jim Stanley. says:

    Maybe Head Office could reveal the actual cost of supporting a member for 12 months, i was told that £15 was break even, we must be realistic, if our party is to be funded properly, a nd not operate at a loss!

  10. Long-time Ukip member says:

    It is better to have a low membership fee and then invite voluntary donations via the membership list. Wavering re-joiners would resent a £35 fee. Also I agree with Mike Maunder above – we must never mention Henry Bolton again – he’s gone.

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