Ben Walker – Government Must Spend More On Defence

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3 Responses

  1. yes we should spend more on defence and not on aid to other countries

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    The first job of a government, any goverment is the defence of the realm, we need to remind Mrs May and her defeatest cronies of this fact. Our need for our srmed forces are greater than most, as was displayed in 1982 with the Falklands War, we must be able to defend our people where ever they reside on British soil. Could we repeat the victory of 82, I doubt it, but that is the minimum our forces should be capable of

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    THIS IS DIRE, SHORTSIGHTED AND IRRESPONSIBLE. Most of us found it funny when Corbyn stated that his Labour Government would hand over the Falklands to Argentina, and in the same order, pass the Rock over to Spain. Well Maggie May could probably outdo Corbyn on this, by adding total embarrassment.
    The thinking of the Government and the MOD leaves me thoroughly perplexed. We keep an expensive nuclear deterrent, to deter who ? and yet territories with people that want to stay connected to UK/GB, we are unable to give them any real guarantee of assistance, but we keep giving money in foreign aid.
    If we then add the utter irresponsibility in the Falklands, where two and a half thousand Royal Marines are stationed, but without any hope of fast backup from home, the dire awfulness becomes apparent. The Marines have good equipment, and an inbuilt wish to perform well, but if the Argentine became serious and put together an invasion force of some 50,000, then odds of 20 – 1 would be a tall order for our superb force and many more British lives would be lost. Add to that our global downgrading, and the loss of possible oil and gas finds !
    We are at some point going to be free of the EU, so we can avoid being told what we must do with overseas territory, but this Government seems content for our forces to be without any thought out military policy, and in the long run, it is that deficiency that will cost British lives !

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