Vote Labour If You Want Brexit Betrayed – Farage

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  1. Jim Stanley. says:

    just in case anyone is unaware exactly what a Customs Union means, it is very simple, you join a cosy arrangement where there are usually no tariffs between members, a fine idea, but, and there is a big BUT, you are unable to make any deals outside the Union which involve cross border trade. In other words the customs Union controls your overseas trade, Hang on, that sounds like the Single Market and the EU customs Union. So no deal with the Commonwealth (2.2 Billion people) or anyone else but tied to the EU ( 565Million people). Having been barred from free trade with an organisation more or less set up by the UK for trade and other co=operation for 40 years, which we are nearly free of, why on earth would we restrict trade with a market that has lost it is estimated some 14% of World Trade over the last 13 years (need to check that, but I know the numbers are big) and that includes our currently increasing World Trade. when we leave the EU trade numbers are toast, no wonder they wish to control our trade! Well done Nigel for exposing yet more Liebour policies!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Now we see that Labour is no better than the Lib/Dems. It is Party before Country, and please don’t talk about Democracy ! …….. In the song, The Red Flag, there is ”…. and Traitors sneer.” – Well it doesn’t get clearer than the comment from Thornberry and Corbyn, that they are well prepared to sneer at the people’s Democratic decision. The idea of leaving the bed rock Treaty of Rome, yet ham stringing our wish for World Trade by a Customs Union, shows just how low these traitors are prepared to sink !
    I have emails from Labour Leave, and their requirement and passion is no different to our own. Leave means leave ! I do hope that the Labour fraternity will turn and bite the Party on this one. Remember, its Country plus Democracy before Party ! It is a fact of life for some to have a Socialist view of things, but Socialism without Democracy or honour, becomes a worthless stupidity ! Keep the Red Flag flying, to match their red faces !
    NEVER, EVER, has there been more need for a strong UKIP. The two large Westminster Parties are split on this very important matter. We have become used to one Party being against the other Party, but not the total disarray that now exists, where on this one issue the word ‘government’ is just a bad joke. ONWARD UKIP, and save the Nation !

  3. If i remember correctly all parties in parliament agreed by a very large majority to uphold the result of the referendum whatever the outcome. They should be constantly reminded of this, instead of the waters being constantly deliberately muddled to cover this up, hoping people will forget, i haven`t and they should be held to account on this.

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