JOINT STATEMENT: A Communications Strategy For UKIP Members

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8 Responses

  1. Serena Lonton says:

    Great idea, although not everyone is on facebook and twitter, they can still take part in any debate via the various websites.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is a good set of points to a very important matter. Personally I have found Kipper Central to be a good pressure valve, to allow me to let off steam when an item annoys me, and that, these days, are most items ! Looking back I have to say sorry to my fellow Kippers for parading my views in depth !
    KC and UKIPD can certainly be used for much more than a pressure valve. Its potential as a Party communication channel can, and should be used for Party benefit. Just remember it is an open channel !

  3. Bernard Greenwood says:

    This way of collecting views/opinions from all and sundry will be a very convenient source for the mainstream media to choose items that can be made to discredit UKIP because inevitably someone will,maybe intentionally,say what is deemed “ist” in some way.(e.g. racist,etc.)
    Things are difficult enough as it is now.

    • Rob McWhir says:

      This is one of the reasons the old members’ forum was closed…

      • Roger Turner says:

        I`m glad you said one of the reasons Rob,
        My impression was because the Leadership seemingly hand in glove with the NEC had messed things up in Lincolnshire, appeared to have acted high handedly and refused to be held to account.
        Surely all postings to UKIP Daily and KC await “moderation” acceptance for general publication and thus “screen shots” which were the main problem on the old forum are avoided.
        The other problem was the invasion of the Con carpet baggers and the subsequent battle with the inhabitants. (much the same as is happening with national immigration)
        Perhaps the system of moderation we now have will limit the long term effectiveness of this media – which I wholeheartedly support.

        • Darrell Goodliffe says:

          Hi Roger,

          Just to quickly answer your points. Yes, all posts are moderated on this site, comments included. On this site its me and Reece who do the moderation, on UKIP Daily I obviously cant say precisely what their structure is but Vivian is EIC.

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    I agree with the proposal. It’s a good barometer and weather vane between the top and the Bottom and everything in between. I’m not so concerned that the odd ‘ist’ ism may creep in because by and large these pejoratives are not working any more and the people who continue to use these slurs instead of reasoned debate are showing themselves up to be hollow as well as shallow.

  5. Steve Bater says:

    In view of articles being shared between KC and UKIPD and vice versa and in view of the “one communications” suggestion wouldn’t it be more sensible to merge KC and UKIPD so there is one source for everyone to see without going back and forth between the two sites.

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