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  1. Bill Matthews says:

    Leadership, May Council elections, Constitutional Reforms, Improved Member Communications are all things which need to be done, yet again! We just don’t have the time for these items at the moment. Our reason for existence is under enormous threat right now. We are pretty well seen as irrelevant these days, despite the need for our party to recreate common sense into the government of our country. All these good objectives need to be done, but leave them alone until we have the time and resources to tackle them. What time and resources we do have needs to be100% devoted to ensuring our government get the Brexit we fought for and which we proved the population wanted. Nothing is as important or urgent as that.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      We must make the time to ensure we comply with the law, Bill.

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      UKIP lost ownership of Brexit a long time ago. We may be disillusioned with the way things are going and not more so than many Tories that also voted to leave. But the function of Brexit lies with this Tory government and only if a few Tory rebels together with Labour MPs vote down the government will we suddenly find we are in the midst of another general election.
      What UKIP must do as a matter of urgency is firm up on two or three other major policy initiatives to give the public something to understand about where we are. They only see UKIP as a party with one agenda that is out of its reach. It is no good trying to kid ourselves that we are back in contention so soon after the Bolton fiasco.
      So are we ready for another general election and if so on what will we be using as our unique selling points next time ??
      We still have many MEPs although they seem to spend all their time worrying about things in Brussels rather than on the home front. They are seldom active on social media or on UKIP Daily or Kipper Central. Surely they are the ones that must attract the media’s attention in the coming months.
      And who is this new party chairman and where did he suddenly come from and who appointed him ?

  2. Marty Caine says:

    “This was specifically at the request of Henry, so they could decide if they wanted to revise the way they were elected, e.g. proportional and/or regional representation. In fact, this proves to be a very good example of the NEC giving the leader what he wants!”

    Actually, Spon what that really shows is that when the NEC members categorically stated that Henry Bolton had not mentioned reforms until after the vote of no confidence, that had, in fact, lied to the membership, so well done on proving that point.

    • Rob McWhirter says:

      I took that to be revision of the rulebook, Marty, rather than the constitution.

      Asking the nec to defer elections so you can present proposals is one thing. ACTUALLY presenting them is another.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Could we not follow the lead, given by the USA ? A fine Constitution was written many years ago, and during those years, Amendments have been raised ! It’s just a thought, but time is not UKIP’s friend !

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