Eurocrats STEAL Team GB’s Winter Olympic Medals

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6 Responses

  1. Russell Hicks says:

    They pulled this stunt before, and some people buy into it. But what are UKIP’s plans to counter this tosh?

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Am I the only one who sees this? The EU can’t afford for us to leave, they have said as much, so barriers are placed in the way. Transition Periodsand all that crap, but they also have to wotk at a social level, effectively saying if you stay, and work with us you will as a team win far more medals, and be the best in the world. This is the mantra they use they play to ego. Personally, I would rather we came 4th in every event than be involved in such a corrupt idea. Stuff em, as always our Nation stands or falls on its performance, and for a thousand years we have beaten all comers! So Brexit now on WTO rules and be done with the EU millstone around our necks.

  3. John Carins says:

    Yet, Juncker denies that the EU is building a Super State.

  4. PETER HEATHER says:

    It really is the time we stopped playing silly games, this is just another nail they are trying to bang into our coffin, they couldn’t beat us in two world wars and they won’t beat us now. So let’s stand together and join forces and tell this government to walk away. Tell the E.U that we are out now which is what the electorate voted for.


    • Its not going to be that easy, we have too many people in this country who do not understand why we are what we are and what made us. The sooner we break completely away the better from that frankly awful organisation, a tier of government that is not needed. Whatever they say a European Superstate is what they are trying to create, some of the top wankers in it have already stated that is their aim. That would destroy Europe and its diverse cultures, as we know some of the things that have been happening in the last few years prove that, like blending Europeans with other outsides races to make us easier to control, over our dead bodies will they achieve that. If somehow we are taken back into it i for one will refuse to obey eu dictates, and i hope many more will do the same, being half in and half out of this useless setup is not acceptable. We have tasted a bit of freedom and there is no going back, whatever the ones without a backbone would like to do.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This is not much in the way of news ! We saw the same nonsense from the London Olympics ! Although this is sport, for me it is the harbinger of the future for UK/GB in the light of the EU. Europe knows damned fine that it is within the ability of this Nation to fly higher than them, and they don’t like it at all. They fear that the EU is going to be made to look very weak against us. This is SPORT, but what happens when we do well in TRADE ? !

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