No Case For Open Borders

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4 Responses

  1. Bernard Greenwood says:

    When dealing with mainstream politicians and media – trust becomes a vice not a virtue.

  2. Russell Hicks says:

    Well over 800,000 new EU passports DISHED OUT ANNUALLY by various EU countries but then add in the vast numbers of forged dodgy passports and we have a massive invasion on EU borders from all directions. And ponder this, the biggest issuer of new EU passports TO NON EUROPEANS is by Italy and why? To get illegal migrants out of their country and on their way to Germany, France and Britain.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    This appeasement attitude shown to complete wrong-uns, will in time build such a head of steam, that Government will be unable to control it ! Enoch Powell, with his now infamous speech, has been proved correct in some ways, and our Establishment has learned nothing.

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    Re. Enoch Powell, one of the brightest men of his generation, he was spot-on about the likely effects of mass immigration into the UK by people who had little or no connection to this country. Look at the mess we’re in at the moment, with home-grown second-generation Islamic terrorists who come from insular communities in places like Bradford and other outposts, places where the Muslim population is, in the main, reluctant to fully integrate with the native British community. Sorry(not really) for stating the truth . I’m sure that all the do-gooder Liberal Lefty elite and the rest of the usual suspects would be jumping up and down at this point.

    I am, by the way, not racist, but don’t know how the majority of hard-working, law- abiding citizens are supposed to act when people and their parents from foreign ethnic minorities, who have been offered the privilege of being able to live in this country, want to blow us up and wreck our society.

    As has been said many times before, especially by UKIP, it’s not a question of race , colour or religion, but of numbers. This is a small island and we can only cope with so many people who wish to come and live here from abroad. Think of the pressures on schools, housing, the NHS, welfare etc, etc, etc. to name but a few. And, despite what captains of industry, big business and people in the City like to tell us, there is absolutely no evidence from any survey or research that can prove that mass immigration over the last twenty years or so has actually increased the GDP of this country or the per capita income of its citizens to any measurable degree.

    Sorry if Brexit is threatening the well-off Liberal elite and chattering classes by restricting the pool of au pairs, child minders, chauffeurs, domestic servants, dog walkers, house sitters, gardeners, pool men etc. That’s life folks, get over it!

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