WATCH: Left-Wing Protesters Confronted And Can’t Answer Questions

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8 Responses

  1. Stan Hubbard says:

    I am a little concerned about some of the comments on Twitter about this report. I do believe in free speech and like a game of football tackle the ball not the man, please don’t attack ,verbally the children. I know the old saying “sticks and stone may break my bone but KnickKnack names won’t hurt me”
    We are more aware today that “knickknack” names do hurt children so please lets fight the issue and get us out of the EU.
    Attack verbally the politicians who are running this farcical system a few “KnickKnack” names will hurt them and we can then hope to govern ourselves and be proud to do so. Just my thoughts Stan

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Agree with you Stan but the teacher has something to answer for here using them as political pawns and foisting their politics on them, therefore, drawing them into a firing line.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    These people are the real deal. A TOTAL WASTE OF SPACE ! But here is the true fact, which is really sad. UKIP has a fantastic manifesto ! How do you show it to people like this ? How do we communicate with people, that struggle with an I.Q. that has just made it into double figures ? Comrade Corbyn must be really proud to have support from the likes of these ! Not that I would change it, but it is sobering in the extreme to realise that these dorks have a vote, just like you and I, and with the same value in an election !
    Is it any wonder that at some Universities, visiting speakers are unable to speak due to Students, knowing that they don’t have the ability to verbally interact, make it impossible for any form of discourse to take place ! Since when have knuckle dragging morons been given space within our Universities ? Anyway, if we give them a red flag to play with, and a meaningless repetitive shout to make, I guess they will be happy !

  3. John Francis says:

    Absolutely right that people are challenged about their views. In this case the teacher I believe is totally overstepping her role as a tutor to young people.
    Hopefully being asked to explain what they are doing will make these young people think about how they are being misled.
    As for the teacher, hopefully they will lose respect for her and realise that she is simply using them.
    Our education system has gone very badly wrong.
    Young people should be encouraged to develop and to think for themselves.
    Our disgraceful left wing, cultural marxist led teachers and lecturers are simply brainwashing the young people they are supposed to be educating.
    This is one of the main reasons this Country (and Europe) is in the mess that it is in.

  4. Stan Hubbard says:

    Well That’s fair comment but as a father and grandfather I would treat them with kindness and respect.
    I remember standing in a main street in Worcestershire handing out leaflets for UKIP and being constantly harassed by a remainer who had a young lad with him the young lad obviously was uncomfortable handing out leaflets to remain because the adult was pretty obnoxious to say the least.
    Having politely and quietly told the adult where to put himself, we then talked to the young lad about our point of view, probably did not change his mind but gave him something to think about.

    • John Francis says:

      Never necessary to be nasty or aggressive.
      However in this video clip these Snowflakes were simply asked basic questions about what they were doing and their views.
      As was seen, even the teacher who was i assume, leading the group, had no idea about anything really.
      The left have brain washed many young people in this Country with lies and Corbynesque sound bites.
      Many young people now only have only the most tenuous grasp on the what is happening in our crazy mixed up world. They get their information from texts, facebook and other social media forums, mostly with a limited number of characters that can be used.
      In essence they know very little and are misled by devious adults, like teachers.
      They must be challenged.

  5. Margaret Robinson says:

    They cant help it. They need to be led and told what to say. By the the time they left primary school they had lost all ability and interest in thinking for themselves. No remnants of reason or common sense left for cognitive or independent thinking. By the time they entered university the most overwhelming and desired objective was to ensure they could enjoy inclusion in the most popular gang. Virtue signalling and slogan rants trumped education

  6. Mark Savage says:

    The whole point of a protest is to put your viewpoint across, when asked, they have no viewpoints and just repeat the same drivel as the eu and its politicians put out. Debating with a lefty is like dealing with toddlers

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