BREXIT BETRAYAL: Worse Than Vichy France!

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5 Responses

  1. Russell Hicks says:

    We are also our own worst enemies. Where is there any UKIP output today? Or yesterday? Brexit Central manage high quality output every morning around 8am. We can’t even manage a Brexit update email to members on a Friday night. What do our 20 odd MEPs do all day? Suck their thumbs??

  2. David Weaver says:

    I entirely agree.
    These are ruthless times, and we are dealing with what ever else we might think of them, ruthless and intelligent men, Blair, Major, Hestletine, Corbyne. Their only desire is power, absolute power to control, no matter the cost, even their Nations Sovereignty is of no interest to them in their pursuit of absolute power but, let us not be to negative about the future. Their are powerful leaders of industry who are equally ruthless, and intelligent, who are looking forward, who have vision, of how we a can prosper as a free Nation, these people are “on our side” therefore It is now time for us, to be ruthless, and embrace the challenge, and as a none Tory I want to encourage the Goverment to carry out the democratic will of the Nation, after all they are the democratically elected party, and to keep vilifying them does nothing for their morale, or indeed the Nations. We have won the battle now we will win the war.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    At several times over the last couple of years, I have been happy to cut some slack to those who wished to remain in the EU. I have wanted out of Europe’s silly club since the 1980s ! Maybe due to the mellowing that age brings, I have taken the view that nobody has 100% of rightness, and it is prudent to listen to another guys arguments and points of view ! I have never seen that as particularly praise worthy, just common sense. If the referendum result had been to continue with EU membership, I would have been angry, and extremely disappointed, but as a believer in Democracy I would have grudgingly accepted the will of the majority !
    The majority wanted to leave the EU. I was delighted, and highly optimistic for the future of this Nation, then the fog descended over everything, from our Government. Probably due to this fog, the remaining, or losers of the vote, became emboldened to kick against the Democratic decision of the people, and with the Parties split too, and with a very week Government, we have the mess of today ! I have become angry with our Government, but even more so at my fellow British, for going against core Democratic values. As I stated, leaving the EU and going it alone, is the way of the optimist, but it seems that pessimism rules UK ! – OK ?
    UKIP is the ace still to play ! With much foolishness, this Party wasted valuable time with a pointless bolt-on extra, but thats been dealt with. We now have to go at top speed, to be the guaranteed pressure requirement upon our Government, and to uphold Democracy. THESE ARE AIMS TO BE PROUD OF, AND I’M IN !

  4. Serena Lonton says:

    This is so true. As previously said, ALL the pro-Brexit groups MUST join together as one to get the Brexit 17.4 million of us voted for – a complete withdrawal from the EU! Anything less will not succeed.

  5. B K Williams says:

    We need boots on the street. Over 17 million voted leave, and we struggle to get one or two hundred to a Brexit march. Pathetic.

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