‘Bullying And Intimidation’ – Top Cornish Labour Councillor QUITS

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3 Responses

  1. Russell Hicks says:

    Momentum, Antifa…all Left wing, brain dead brown shirts are working overtime intimidating ANYONE who doesn’t agree with their idiotic narrow minded bigoted stupidity: https://youtu.be/hrrnZMSBMLU

  2. David Weaver says:

    Mr Dwelly has not not left the Labour Party, he has left an an’archist group lead by Corbyn under a stolen banner. I suggest he joins UKIP and fight the fight to regain our Nation from the EU. When that is won then it will be the time to re-consider where our party loyalty lay. He should not fear these people as it is fear that feeds their cause.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Over the last few years I have had zero interest in the Labour Party. What it is today makes me clear that the Labour Party has nothing to offer me, or the Nation.
    I did come across ”Labour Leave” today, and their total wish to gain Brexit. It’s just a thought, but would it not benefit all of us for some form of amalgamation on just this one item of common ground. I suggested it to them, and it might bring about some form of enquiry !

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