”This Would Be Infamous’ – Rees-Mogg Responds to Claims Of Labour-EU Plot

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3 Responses

  1. Jim Stanley says:

    It seems to me that this a typical “Divide and Rule” strategy. Let’s face it, we are one of th every few net contibuters to the EU, they simply can’t afford for us to leave, they need our money! As for Liebour, I have given up trying to understand their ideas, they seem set on destroying any thought of the UK being an independant Nation State. I am old enough to remembering travelling between Belfast and Dublin, and as children my sisters and I were quite upset when we went from North to South without the excitement of Customs Post! With the advances in technology, the physical border control is largely redundant, with the majority of smugglers being caught because of intelligence, rather than the checking of vehicles. As every truck on the road has a manifest of it’s contents, a simple e mail of this plus the reg. no to the authorities, and ANPR cameras would ensure a seamless border, as a meercat may say “Simples”. At the end of the day, the EU does not want us to leave, and will seek to place barriers in our way, quite simply, as I said, they need our money, and they hope that all the talk of transition periods and customs unions is a simple ploy to try and make it not worth all the hassle and remain in the EU, with everything that entails. The Leave side said during The Referendum campaign that there would be an EU Army, poo pooed by Remainers, but we now have the real prospect of this, do we really wsnt our forces under French or German control. How much longer will thus fiasco go on for? Even some Remainers, who recognise the democratic choice made to Leave, are asking why we do not just walk away on WTO Rules? A good question, with freedom from the EU moving further into the future, it is time to walk away, and walk away now!

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The EU is a useless entity, that’s why we voted to get out ! Now we see what bedfellows they have in this Nation, and it comes as no surprise to find the Labour Party eager to be their best mates !

  3. David britton says:

    All correspondence should be transparent, Labour should produce all contactual information that has been spoken between their eu visits during these negotiations. Hope some one asks Corbyn in parliament if correspondence will be available.

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