Gerard Batten SLAMS Theresa May’s Brexit Speech “Could And Must Do Better”

"Clearly not a committed Leaver" - Batten slams May

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5 Responses

  1. Bernard Greenwood says:

    Time for some decisive action from Rees-Mogg & Co. Can UKIP offer it’s support for a much needed rebellion in the Tory party ? I have written to my MP but I have no doubt my letter will be ignored because he is unlikely to stick his head above the parapet unless he thinks he is on the winning side.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We are in a stupid situation, of having a remainer as PM, and she is handling our leaving of the EU. Just daft !

    • GRANT SMITH says:

      A sincere David Cameron would have passed the Tory baton to Andrea Leadsom, and the job would have been over by now. Which begs the question, ‘Who is pulling this PM’s strings?’ To serve is not to despise the constituents who have put them in this responsible position.

  3. David martin says:

    We voted out,and we won,she should just be getting the out people what they won’t,nothing at all 2 do with the loses,she said she will get brexiteers and romoaners a good deal,it’s nothing 2 do at all with romoaners they love the vote?

  1. 7:01 pm, March 4, 2018

    […] Etheridge’s comments follow UKIP Interim Leader Gerard Batten attacked May’s speech saying she “could and must do […]

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