Reproducibility Crisis and You

Grace Conyers

Grace is a soil scientist, researcher, educator, and science communicator. She spends a lot of her day alternating between teaching, dancing in a lab while waiting for chemical reactions, reading, and plotting business adventures. She is the owner and a co-founder of Insanitek Research and Development. Grace can be found on social media on Minds, Google+, and She invites you to meet up with her on any of these platforms.

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  1. J.L.Kay says:

    Hi Grace
    I follow your arguments and you are right about scientific theories having to be tested rigorously. Unfortunately in politics in the UK at the present time there is much woolly thinking, semantic sleight of hand, doublespeak, hypocrisy and downright lies, where certain politicians, particularly from the Left, try to re-write history. I am thinking particularly of individuals such as Max Moseley and Jeremy Corbyn. Unfortunately many ordinary people don’t have the time or patience to examine many of the blatantly dishonest or inaccurate pronouncements people like the aforementioned gentlemen make.

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