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  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Out of all the Nations of Europe, Italy is the country of my choice, as I keep returning there ! Over some decades I have noticed changes to that Nation. Since the 1960s I have noticed how their agriculture has become far more realistic and commercial, and that alone has raised the income of the Nation.
    It seems that the country has formed into three Nations at least. The South still needs work to raise its income. The Centre is the bread basket of the Nation, and seems to be doing very well. The North has its industry, and competes well on the world stage. Italian folk are rather more amenable to political change than other European people, which may be due to the continued short lived Governments, of an inescapable coalition system. This could work well for the Five Star Party.

  1. 7:01 am, March 4, 2018

    […] Party are both expected to perform well with the M5S topping the last legally allowed poll as we reported last […]

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