Kenneth Clarke MP – Tory Contempt In A Nutshell

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9 Responses

  1. David Weaver says:

    You are so right!!!! I remember KC as a young man he was as smug and objectionable then, as he is now, and he clearly showed the good people of Rushcliffe how contemtuous he has been of them, and indeed of the rest of the nation. Let us be thankful we are far more intelligent than he and his ilk give us credit for. As I will sleep easier in my bed than he will in his.

  2. Bernard Greenwood says:

    Unlike the Cambridge Five spies who were all unmasked and paid the price this person has been allowed to brazenly ride the leading edge of the wave that threatened to erode and destroy Britain without hindrance .The referendum result was a very deserved beaching.

  3. Murray says:

    time he publically declared funding from the EU, foreign entities etc, time we and especially his constituents knew

  4. Pamela Preedy says:

    Clarke is not worthy of our notice, is beneath our contempt and the sooner he disappears from public life – or just disappears altogether – the better for our nation.

  5. John Carins says:

    He is part of a 5th Column that has to rooted out. Through his own words he has revealed his true and shocking thoughts.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Rather than give Ken Clarke a hard time, I feel that the fault should be targeted more accurately. We are supposed to be living in a Democracy, and therefore Clarke has every right to follow his love affair with the EU, however absurd that is ! The fault is entirely with the people of Rushcliffe who keep voting him back to Westminster. This has gone on now for so long, that Clarke has the view that he must be right !
    You see with a Democracy, generally speaking, the people are responsible for the health or ill of the system. The elected MP can certainly be a target for mudslinging, and that is a form of safety valve, but it does not change the facts. Rushcliffe folk are either not well read on political affairs, they might be stupid, they might not give a damn about this Nation, or they might be genuinely of the same opinion as Ken Clarke !
    I am not defending Clarke, but I am saying that Rushcliffe is short of a representative like ours, in Northampton North. Michael Ellis MP, who is a member of this Government, and held the same view as Ken, took notice of the referendum vote, and as the constituency MP, has fallen into line with the people’s view, and shows himself to be a Democrat !

  7. Bernard Greenwood says:

    Our democracy works in mysterious ways hence we have Mrs May as P.M. just when we need a Churchill.This country has just passed the threshold from unlucky to tragedy.

  8. C.B. Ross says:

    This dinosaur is proof enough that there ought to be a limit to the number of times any politician may stand for election. Personally, I would make that limit three GEs, or fifteen years, whichever is the shorter. After that period, any individual would have to wait a minimum of five years before being eligible for re-election. Serving in any elected post would count – so Clarke (for example) would not have been allowed to serve in Westminster for fifteen years, and then stand for election to a local Council before standing again for Parliament.

    The figures that I have suggested are just that – suggestions. The problem, of course, is that only politicians could change the rules – and turkeys, as the saying goes, don’t normally vote for Christmas! Perhaps, one day, the British people will have the sense to get rid of people like Clarke, and vote in some honest politicians who would be prepared to make such a change!

  9. Jake Bennett says:

    I don’t blame Ken Clarke for his convictions but it tells us an awful lot about the Rushcliffe Conservative Association who are clearly in league with him.

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