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  1. Rob Bryant says:

    Islam-loving Shareeza would have served us and the enslaved peoples of Europe if she had told the EU commissars in Brussels that we were walking away, paying them nothing and furthermore that we would offer support to all those EU countries that wanted to escape the chains that bind them to the EU corpse.

  2. David Weaver says:

    Thank you Prime Minister you have set the scene but perhaps we should have made clear that The British Goverment will set the agenda for discussion, not the EU on the following
    British Fishing grounds, British Farming, British Borbers, Britsh Law, British Trading agreements outside the EU. Since the referendum we have been far to concilatory and apologetic with the EU so now is the time to say, enough is enough here are the terms for discussion.

  3. Simon Blanchard says:

    Her speech was a bit clearer, that she intends to sell out our fishing industry to the EU after Brexit. No firm commitment to defend this long betrayed industry from foreign fleets.
    She also dropped her original stance of “No deal is better than a bad deal”, meaning she’ll walk away with bad deal.
    She’s a mild and meek middle manager doing a Top Gun job, completely out of her depth, time she was sacked before the gangsters in Brussels turn us over.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I just don’t get it, and its only Maggie May that seems to have swallowed it, hook line and sinker !
    She said that negotiations involved give and take by both sides. She is correct, well almost on that; we give, even against the democratic will of our own people, and the EU does the taking ! – ( The big deal that they are ‘giving’ would be of assistance to us in the first few years, but of little account to us thereafter ).
    I would not wish to cut this PM any slack at all, but it should be seen that May is walking a tightrope in this, to try to keep the divisions of Parliament, and of her own Party together. ……. What she does not understand, is that a deal is not required at all. If we just walk away, we might have one or two years of hard work, but after that, ( the whole future of this Nation ), would have no need of any connection with the EU. Our door should always be open for them to be able to talk trade with us, as and when they wake up to the facts of trade !

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