LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 04/03/18: Upcoming Local Elections Are Vital

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10 Responses

  1. StuartJ says:

    Personally I don’t think Brexit should be a focus for local election campaigning.
    I’ve already had leaflets from Conservative and Labour councillor candidates for my area (Birmingham, South Yardley) and once again it’s either party taking pot shots at the other, blaming national government for local government failings.
    There’s always a lack of positive vision, and people end up blindly voting for the party locally which isn’t in government. So here in Birmingham we have an inept Labour-majority council, and despite numerous people complaining about them, people will just vote them back in again, in greater numbers, because “Corbyn”, or “I don’t like Theresa May”.
    Or because “the imam told me to”.
    If there is no UKIP candidate for my ward, I don’t know who I will vote for.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Editor, this is a Daddy of a question ! On one hand I am not in favour of voting for anything other than UKIP. This is why you have my Party membership. However, the elections will be too close to our past stupidity with Party leadership, which will still be very much in the minds of the voters, resulting in a poor showing for UKIP.
    Giving our vote to Conservatives, would seem wise, although not all Tories are Brexit supporters. The possibilities of messing up the Labour Party thrust, with their goodness knows what approach to Brexit, to me seems the best option although nowhere close to ideal ! Please keep us all informed on this Editor.

    • StuartJ says:

      But this is why our local councils are a mess because people don’t “Think Local, Vote Local”.
      I grew up in Sandwell, which has had a Labour controlled council since before I was born. At the time, my mum used to support Labour at national elections, but when it came to local elections, she voted Conservative, because she felt that Labour was doing a terrible job running Sandwell. And this was in spite of her dislike for Thatcher and the Tories in general.
      When I moved to Birmingham in 2008, the council was run by a Conservative/LibDem coalition. And things weren’t bad. (This was before I started supporting UKIP by the way). So I was happy to vote for the local LibDem councillor, as I thought they were doing a good job. Things changed after 2010, when the Tories/LibDems had a coalition government at national level. People voted for Labour candidates at council elections, just to lash out at the Tories and LibDems. And we eventually ended up with a majority Labour controlled council.
      During this time, things are deteriorating in Birmingham, and people aren’t happy with the way things are being done. We’ve had the council spending millions of pounds on ipads for bin lorry drivers, while having to reduce opening hours at the new library to save on running costs. The council introduced charges for collecting garden waste. And of course the infamous mismanaged bin workers strike last year.
      People could vote for change, but they won’t, they’ll vote Labour to lash out at the Tories again, and then wonder why nothing changes in Birmingham.
      The local elections are about electing a council that will serve its people locally, its nothing to do with Brexit, or what goes on in national government.
      UKIP needs to put Brexit aside for a moment, and campaign locally for local issues that affect people at local level.

  3. Helena Windsor says:

    Give the Tories a free run? In Surrey never. And what are they like about handing their friends the developers a free hand to concrete over your green & pleasant county?
    In Tandridge the only wards we won’t challenge are where the Independents we are working with to oppose a flawed local plan are standing. With Javid threatening retribution for councils who don’t build we need a strong message from Gerard supporting Greenbelt, end of Londoncentric gvt, incentives to use brownfield & strict immigration control as soon as possible.

    • Geoffrey Bastin says:

      You’re right of course and as you say we need a strong message from Gerard Batten but where is he ? I’ve been hoping some pearls of wisdom will be coming down the line to redefine the message from UKIP but it seems that apart from sending a rather curt response to the email from John Bickley we have heard nothing from Gerard.
      I hope he’s not stuck in the back office like the last leader worrying about administration because that is not the concern of a party Leader.
      The Party Leader must be out front making his ideas and observations clear to the MSM as well as the party faithful and after all the goings-on of the last two months that seems to be the greatest urgency.

    • Dan says:

      Good post Helena,

      If Ukip could become widely known for anti developer pro greenbelt policies at the local level this could attract a lot of support. None of the other parties can claim this.
      I can’t see any gain in participating in local elections and just relying on national issues for voter appeal.

  4. Jim Stanley says:

    Well folks, hardly an over whealming response, given the importance of Brexit. For the first time I can remember the Leadership actually has a mechanism for members opinions to be heard by our Leader, maybe there is a lack of understanding with an Interim Leaders Powers. GB is one of our longest standing members, and has fought as hard as anyone for our Party to Lead the Nation to a historic victory in the Referendum. I was 59 when I joined in January 2013, I am a new kid on the block, so when compared to our senior Statesmen, I know Diddley Squat. I have written elsewhere on KC about the little one line clause that every organisation has in their rules that allows the NEC to work round the rules, so that, for the good of the Party, Somewhere since the Referendum the UKIP Can Do attitude has become a Can’t do. I t should not be up to a member to find a way round the Rules and Constitution, surely we have Legal Eagles who should have been working on getting HB out, without the costs involved in an EGM, sensible given the reported state of our finances . To respond to the specifics, It was Aaron Banks who suggested giving Mrs May/Maybenot a free lunch. While major doners may expect to have some influence, it is up to the Memberships Elected body to decide what use that money is is used for. The fact that a Doner hands over load of cash, is, of course very welcome, and certainly their opinion should be taken into account . Never forget that Democracy lies at the very core of our Party, if Mr Banks wishes to run the show, he can form his own Party, where One Man runs the show. Unfortunately millions died throughout the World when one megalomaniac tried this. We have seen the one man show many times in the 20th and 21st centuries. I do not wish to accuse Mr Banks of any such thoughts, eventually every Dictator falls when the people realise that Democracy is missing! The Remoaners kicked off before the ink was dry on the result, and then for some reason the 52% went back to their normal pattern of voting. No doubt we made mistakes, and Nigel made a whopper! The statement my job is done and I want my life back, was, on reflection, because in the court of Public Opinion, even our own members took this to mean the fight was over! JOB DONE! With over 17,000,000 voters supporting our core aim, the only Party 100% behind Brexit. Why did we fail to take advantage, to quote a Meerkat “Simples” we dropped the ball big time and every day since then we have bern playing catch up. Given the support for our core principals, UKIP should be possibly the Opposition, or the 3rd Party in Westminster, instead of languishing at the pityfull levels of support we have today. Whatever the Tory Party says, their MPs do not have a free vote on anything, they may let the JRMs of this world say what they like, but, every time he speaks of Brexit he praises his Remainer boss to the hilt, he is a lone voice in the Political pool, seen as an interesting rebel, but by his support for Mrs May Not, he has no teeth! If the Tory Party supported Brexit, I agree that we should fight on local issues, somethjng we do well, but the Tories do not want to leave, so, if we do not go out guns blazing to win the support of the 52%, thus will be seen by the voters and media as agreeing with them, certainly not the case. If we were able to persuade the normal non voters to vote for Brexit, say 20% of the Referendum turn out, that would be an extra 3,48 million votes, pushing our totall vote to maybe 4 million, certainly enough to ensure that the UKIP voice would be heard load and clear.
    I hear the cry who do I vote for, if there is no UKIP Candidate, the answer very simple, stand yourself!. If there are problems with time, stand as a Democracy Candidate, this is a very simple process, which your Branch Chair, and County Organiser will do most of the grunt work, of getting signatures. This normally takes me about an hour, dependung on how many cups of tea my Assentors decide to force down my throat, after 6 mugs in an afternoon it is more than enough. As a Paper or Democracy Candidate, it is up to you how much work you actually do. You do not need to leaflet anywhere, or canvass, so long as UKIP is on the Ballot Paper your job is done, In 5 years I have stood at more or less every Election, and because of my County responsibilities, I expect that this time I shall stand on paper only. My opinion is well known about which policy to go with, in May, what is important is to have a UKIP Candidate, sweeping up the Brexit vote when frankly numbers do not matter to much. Who knows, you may find that, if you had a good mentor, standing as a Paper Brexit Candidate, and as a Kipper Central contributor, you will know more than most about the question. So go on, contact your Chairman or County Orgsniser a quick e mail to Branch@UKIP.Org, and Ruth, our Branch Administrator will give you the contact details you need to get the ball rolling. If you wish to chat privately, KC l I am sure will pass on any messages you have for me. If I can help I will.

  5. Jim Stanley says:

    GB is visiting Gloscester branch on 20th March 2018, I have asked KC to post this. In the morning I shall be speaking to HQ to find out when and where he will be visiting Branches, which I shall pass on here. I shall be there, and I hope other Oxon members will turn up as well. I hope this wil be the first of many meetings that will be set up locally.

  6. James Towell says:

    For Local Elections as a Party we should concentrate on what can we do as credible Local Councillors. Once we leave the EU we won’t have our MEP’s or what they can bring as being former MEP’s. We get it right now in the Council Elections. I think we’ll do alright might not set the world on fire with vote numbers but get in. Once in at Council level or stay in at Council Level we can prove that Leaving the EU won’t be as bad as they all in media keep banging their tatty drum on about. People of this nation looked yo UKIP and well we done what no other political party has done. We made the bed now lets prove for now at a Local level we can sleep in it and make things better for the people are standing to represent. Then when the GE comes around we can say OK we got a good track record in delivering what the people want. What have you lot done and whack em over the head with that like that game whack a mole!

  7. David Langley says:

    Right now UKIP Ltd your NEC is facing a potential winding up writ. The debt caused by a disastrous libel case could throw a huge spanner in the works. I am led to believe that our leadership is urgently trying to scrounge funds to sort this out.
    Gerard wrote today to plead for donations, the millions UKIP have burned over the past three years has not produced the desired representation either.
    Branches have always resorted to self funding, not even having portions of re subscribing members subscriptions.
    I am desperately waiting for a rollout of media support from HO and cannot help but think most branches are so weak they can’t buy leaflets to support candidates.
    I almost feel at times that we should ignore UKIP HO and think of ourselves as Independant cells, fighting the battle alone. Motivated by our local branch members and the few activists that I think I have almost become related to.

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