Outrage As Barbaric Butchers Of Sheep WALK FREE

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10 Responses

  1. Harry Merrick says:

    Such absolutely disgusting behaviour from these people! I had thought the Yorkshire folk a kindly lot until now! All those concerned should have been put in jail for a long time! The Judge or Magistrate could not have been Muslim, one supposes?

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Typical of the current situation that the Brit gets locked up and the muslim satan-worshippers walk out of court. Heard of the ‘Satanic Verses’? This was when Mad Mo had a moment of lucidity and put forward the idea of religious tolerance ie: allow the worship of goddesses. Of course, he soon recanted and claimed it was Satan who had whispered this terrible thing to him instead of Gabriel who had allegedly told him all the rest of the koran. I believe the reverse was true and it was Satan telling him the wicked gibberish that went into the koran, while Gabriel tried to talk some sense into him. Not that I believe in any of these entities, but Mad Mo did and the psycho side of him won.
    Meanwhile, the Establishment, including the police, media, judiciary and government persist in their conspiracy to protect and vindicate muslims, whatever the horrors , cruelties and injustices they commit in our besieged country and have committed in the world for 14 centuries. None but ex-muslims who have risked death by becoming apostates can be trusted in any capacity.

    • Ian Edwards says:

      Totally agree Pamela. Islam is not a religion, it is a third world cult of conquest and intolerance, that sucks in or crushes all in it’s path. It needs to be cleansed from the earth yet oh how our politicians claim its a religion of peace when humans are murdered and a religion of compassion when animals are slaughtered in the most barbaric ways imaginable.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      Very well put Pamela. You could add to this that Islam is not a religion ! Muslims that insist that it is, have to shoulder a very onerous problem. Almighty God, ( or Allah ), has to be seen as being very confused for half a millennium. Since the visit to us by God in mortal form, ( Jesus ), bringing a new dispensation of forgiveness, and signed in His own blood, but apparently more was required to the ”once and for all redemption.”
      What the world was waiting for, was a goat, camel or caravan driver, that married a rich widow, and then set about the tribes around him, to bring unity to the area. The involvement of Gabriel and God would assist in ensuring the continuation of what this Mohamed had started. Of course it was imperative to ensure that when he died of old age, there would be no clear recipient to continue the ‘church.’ That would keep the blood-letting going, between the factions, for all eternity ! It’s so good to have a really well thought out plan, isn’t it ?

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Pamela, if it means anything, I think you have an accurate perspective on our twisted society. Sadly, we know it will end in tears….

  3. Ian Edwards says:

    Just for information I give below a shortened extract from one of Dr. Taj Hargey’s Daily Mail articles regarding halal since according to him halal slaughter is not even necessary for Muslims and is not prescribed by the Koran – more people need to be aware of this scam and all that stems from it. I give the ful sources at the bottom.

    Dr Taj Hargey

  4. Ian Edwards says:

    Oh – the text summary was too long and has been omitted – you just have the links, sorry about that

  5. John Francis says:

    Ritual slaughter is NOT required for Muslims to follow their beliefs. Ritual slaughter is cultural and has become the preference of Muslims, mostly due to their cultural practices.
    Our establishment and lawmakers are mostly to blame for giving religious exemptions to ritual slaughter.
    We appease Muslims by allowing them legally torture animals to death because we have become too liberal for our own good and certinaly for the good of animals.
    In the Middle Ages we treated animals disgracefully for our sport. Dog and cock fights, bear baiting etc.
    Quite rightly we have banned those obscenities, although, I am sure that many would still like to see them continue legally if possible.
    But we allow Muslims to torture animals to death to satisfy their primitive blood lust.
    It makes me sick.

  6. Worse…the culture of hate for all others is out breeding every country it leeches into,what’s to stop them.Why allow such persons dwell on Our lands ? What is to stop them.
    Massive unreported rapes in GB,Sweden,Norway,Germany,Belgium,ask yourself this question…why the hell do Moslems wish to live in such cold countries ?
    Do please remember the disgusting treatment our political professional liars meted out to Nick Griffin when he told of all of these mozzlems and their single target,some 15+ years ago.
    My religion teaches me to love all and be forgiving,their religion/culture wants to kill me.

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