Vicious And Dismissive – Steve Bannon SLAMS EU Attitude To Brexit Britain

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  1. J.L.Kay says:

    I completely agree with Steve Bannon. The EU, like the Remoaners in this country, has acted in an arrogant and dismissive manner and completely ignored the wishes of the 52% of those who voted to come out of the European Union in a legally constituted Referendum granted by the then Prime Minister. There are thousands of former Labour supporters up and down the country who feel let down by the present so-called ‘leader’ of the Labour Party. This crypto Communist doesn’t believe in traditional working class values. Unfortunately they are being left with nowhere to go unless UKIP reforms itself completely from top to bottom.

  2. Well I think the Eu have done great damage to themselves! They have shown exactly what happens when the un elected , illiterate, bullying, threatening, dictating extortionists are in charge! They have ensured that the rest of the world, including the Eu countries, wouldn’t deal with them if their lives depended on them!! They have proved that all they want is OUR MONeY, that is giving, not earning! God help them, it’s down hill from here

  3. Roger Turner says:

    Yes I believe Trump said at Davos that Britain did not go in hard enough.
    We had the example of how the EU dealt savagely without conscience or generosity with Greece.
    Unfortunately it is in the EU genes – they are an Autocracy that can only operate within “the Rules”, which only they have the right to interpret.
    Britain`s “friendly” approach to the EU is fatal.
    We are divorcing them because we are no longer prepared to be theirpseudo SLAVES and we are breaking fetters that are not even golden!

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    It’s funny that sometimes it takes someone completely detached from the coal face to see things as they really are. So it is with Steve Bannon, whilst our own politicians are quite happy to fiddle while Rome burns.

    We need to break away from this tyrannical bunch of EU criminals without paying them a penny, no membership or remote relationship with neither the single market nor the customs union. And as for Eire, let’s do our friends and countrymen in Northern Island a favour and insist on a HARD BORDER – it’s going to be the only way to protect the whole of the United Kingdom from being completely overrun by another 1,000,000 foreign immigrants pouring across any (soft) border with Eire. If Eire wants to dilute their culture to unrecognisable proportions then that’s their business, but we don’t want that. And we don’t want a return to “the troubles” either. In order to avoid both these disastrous events which are about to unfold, we must take courage with the EU bullies and start insisting on our birthright – that is our right for self-determination, that is our right to our own sovereignty, that is our right to true democracy and freedom of speech, that is our right to take back control.

    When will the people wake up to what is already happening? We already have the Pakistani rape gangs in our towns and cities, we already have Sharia law operating under the government’s nose, we already have hundreds of examples of FGM, we already have the returning jihadis and other terrorists murdering our people and committing unspeakable atrocities (remember Lee Rigby?). Just what does it take before people realise the tipping point is approaching fast? We MUST act, and act NOW to save our country for our children and grandchildren. We must at the very least use our vote to elect into power the only party that cares about these issues and will, given the go-ahead by the British people, start by extricating ourselves in short order from the poisonous EU then close our borders to those who wish to harm us.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    To Stanley Cutts
    Thanks for putting so succinctly what ordinary citizens in the UK have been feeling for years, especially your summarising in your third paragraph, the pathetic weakness of present and past governments, in their kowtowing to political correctness and their reluctance to offend anyone, even those who might wish to blow us up or otherwise do us harm. Those who have gone abroad to fight for ISIS or to commit terrorist acts should have their passports confiscated and never be allowed to set foot on our shores again. MI5 say that they are at present investigating some 500 active terrorist plots in this country, most involving Islamic terrorists of Asian origin. Shouldn’t those suspected of planning terrorist atrocities be interned? Sorry, it’s a logical course to follow.

    In regard to the Pakistani sex grooming gangs, in High Wycombe, Bradford and countless other towns and cities, etc. might one ask why they invariably target white British girls and not Asian girls. The simple reason is that their own communities wouldn’t put up with it and the perpetrators would immediately be ostracised from their own communities or worse! i.e. summary justice!

    Re the Irish question, if they want to stay in the EU, let them. Remember, Ireland only joined to exploit what it could get out of the EU. When the funds were turned off, the Celtic Tiger began to wilt.

    Unfortunately at the risk of stating the bloody obvious, Enoch Powell, regardless of the racist way in which he expressed himself, was substantially right in that if you allow unfettered immigration from foreign countries, then you will undoubtedly regret it in the future. London streets and those of Paris have already started to run with rivers of blood, due to the actions of those of other nations or their descendants. Please correct me if I’m wrong. Politicians are reluctant to admit this sort of thing . Enoch Powell was very prescient in his warnings but the various British administrations since have totally ignored the feelings and concerns of large swathes of the British population who have feared similar outcomes. Any nation which allows a substantial minority of people of other nationalities to settle within its borders is storing up trouble for the future, especially if that minority (no names mentioned) is reluctant to accept the customs and norms of the host nation.

    By the way I am not a racist, as my father came from a foreign country and settled here many years ago, setting up businesses which gave employment to many British people. At least he integrated and accepted British norms and ways of life.

  6. Myra Shearer says:

    Britain has never, since WW2, needed a Churchill or a Margaret Thatcher more. One of the core problems is that Theresa May and too many of her parliamentary pals are Remainers presently disguised as Leavers. They want desperately to hang on to their jobs at the expense of the wishes of the people. I am a staunch Brexiteer who is sick and tired of waiting in vain for a sign that TM and her dishonest cronies have any intention of standing up to the EU in the name of the people who voted for them.

  7. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We see and hear our friend Moggy sticking to the facts of LEAVE, and I sense that he is something of a damned nuisance to his Party and this Government. We should all be thankful that he is there. His job should have been done by a UKIP MP, but mainly due to much foolishness with our own leadership, this Party failed. However the future is looking bright now, but we will have missed the run-up to leaving the EU !
    Moggy’s questioning of David Davies in a Select Committee was without doubt exemplary. His thinking is so precise and his delivery is made quietly but to the point. It’s a real shame that this gent will never change parties, because he is to all sense a UKIP man, and this Party needs to take him as a roll model.
    We have all seen how anti-EU parties have done well in Italy, France and Germany. Coming from nowhere, straight into their Parliaments. Is UK/GB so different to these countries ? Has our Party messed in it’s own nest too many times ? What is the perception of UKIP with our voters ? Our manifesto is excellent, and it is clear to me that a UKIP Government is what the country needs and wants ! Gerard, you have some work to do, and we will support your efforts !

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