Answering Questions To End Sharia In The UK

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I am really fed up with this, and I have stated this matter many times in the pages of Kipper Central.
    ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION ! IT NEVER WAS, AND NEVER WILL BE ! It is a remembrance of an able cut-throat, that brought some unity to the Middle East. Mohammad wanted it to be remembered, and kept to, and what better way of doing that than the involvement of the Almighty, ( God / Allah ). Make no mistake on this, it is fake ! It could be called blasphemy, from the point of view of a Christian, and is possibly Satanic !
    It has driven me to question the standing of our Christian churches. The Archbishop of Canterbury and The Pope have gone on record as saying that as there is only one God, Allah and The Almighty are one and the same ! THEY ARE NOT ! I know that it is blessed to pore oil on troubled waters, but the leaders of our churches go too far, when they lie about this matter, in the interest of religious peace. Nothing of value will come of that !
    This item in Kipper Central is good, and shows the true colours of Islam, that Muslims should follow. There are many of this rabble that treat some of the writings as correct, while keeping quiet about others. They have been seen in the ranks of ISIS and are of a minus value to the world of mankind. As for Muslims here in UK/GB, it has to be noted that they are not all of a terrorist ilk. They believe the Islamic rubbish, but their own intelligence keeps them in good order. Wisdom with force is required by this Nation, with our Laws being enforced upon all of us alike. IF WE DON’T, THIS NATION IS LOST !

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Is there ANYONE with real intelligence and knowledge of these matters in the ranks of the government and authorities that are supposed to be loyal guardians and protectors of this country and its historic people, now and for the future? If not, we are in real trouble.

    If there are any such intelligent, knowledgeable and loyal individuals within their ranks, why are they propagandising lies about muslims having the same values as Britain; the Home Office makes statements to this effect.

    Do the real British people and islam share the following values: misogyny, sexism, homophobia, the sexual assault of children in the form of FGM, flouting the laws on FGM, cruelty to animals in the form of halal slaughter, forced marriage, underage marriage, marital rape, marital beating of women, the murder of apostates?

    The answer is obvious, but not so obvious to the political elite who prefer mindless PC to justice, mercy, decency and truth. We need a political revolution that sweeps away the present corrupt regime and replaces it with patriots who do not condone or tolerate the intolerable in our country. But the attempts to overthrow the regime are being constantly thwarted with laws to stifle free speech, and abuse of power to oppress the protesters.

    Worse, the protesters are disunited. Only when they are united will there be change.

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