WATCH: Jacob Rees-Mogg SLAMS “High-Handed” Eurocrats

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    I see nothing wrong with bringing the border back to mainland Britain, as long as there are dedicated entry lanes for NI citizens, so that access for them is unchanged.
    If Eire wishes to be part of the EU then leave the porous North/South border and we can all be happy, especially the North since the Irish will be coming across to shop for goods not inflated by EU import duties. Consequently Dublin will have to weigh up their hatred of us vis a vis the financial hole which the border will become, and leaving the EU to become independent and able to be good neighbours with us.
    JRM just hasn’t thought this one through, but then he is a loyal Tory and will vote through anything the EU tells May to put in front of him..

  2. Keyser Sose says:

    Rob, supra., the key problem with excluding that part of my country is, Ireland will, further, enter Shengen, the ten’s of thousands of foreign nationals, uncovered by CTA will simply walk from Lifford to Strabane or Oram to Crossmaglen and they then have, illegally, entered UK territory. We require the hardest of hard borders, pending RoI withdrawal from EU, which shall protect the integrity of the whole territory avoiding further millions being spent housing ‘refugees’.
    Further, non-indigenous Irish should not be covered by CTA.
    If the UK follows such lead, yes smuggling will increase, the loser being the RoI economy as goods there are significantly more expensive than in Derry/Newry/Enniskillen, the government will feel the pinch and, a strong, anti-EU faction should grow to a voting majority.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I WANT SEPARATION FROM THE EU, TOTALLY AND UNAMBIGUOUSLY, AND I WANT IT NOW ! So lets be clear on that at the start. The boarder was a British and Irish arrangement in the early 20th century, and eventually was the item for the ‘troubles.’ Northern Ireland IS part of UK/GB. We leave the EU and don’t get involved with a hard or soft boarder. If the EU insists on a boarder, then let them put it in place. We will only raise the level of watching out for trouble makers. Instead of us being the enemy to some factions in the Irish Republic, the EU’s rules will take that over in the minds of some Irish. Since the EU is such a nonsense, the Republic may well consider that as 80% of trade is with us, their membership of an overpriced nonsense, is too great to continue with, and they may decide to leave as well, in which case this will be job done. The EU might promote trade with Europe, to stop the low opinion of the EU in Irish minds, in which case the Irish will get a benefit, so again this will be job done ! Let us stop making problem excuses, and get on with leaving the EU !

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