FISHING FOR LEAVE: EU Plans To Punish British Fishermen

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4 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m getting more angry day by day ! THE PEOPLE told this Tory Government to leave the EU, but all we are getting is dither and prevarication. Now we have really stupid suggestions for Northern Ireland to not be treated as an integral part of UK/GB. The final straw is that British fishing waters ‘cannot’ be for the British fishermen ! Indeed, the ‘allowance given’ to us is no more than theft, covered by EU legalism !
    Maggie May, you have been backwards and forwards to Brussels, and made speeches all over the place, but what have you gained ? Surely you see that it is time now to play your ace ! – Wish the EU farewell and walk away with all ties cut, except for an invitation to the 27 individual Nations to come to London, when they are ready, for individual trade talks ! The EU has not come to terms with the fact of their growing lack of popularity, and are making it worse for themselves by talking about the increase in costs to its membership. LETS GET OUT NOW !

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    Yet more sickening EU nastiness. Well said FFL, we must support you as best we can.

  3. Ceri Jayes says:

    Today Donald Tusk has demanded continued access to our waters. Well we demand control and ownership of our 200 miles waters and if that has not been delivered by or on 29 March 2019 Appeaser May has betrayed us. This will be clear treachery. Branch members in Totnes are lacing up their campaign boots in readiness for more action days to support Fishing For Leave, the industry campaign group.

  4. David Weaver says:

    South west local and national press should have headlines
    ” HANDS OFF OUR FISHING WATERS” We the people of the U.K. Will never bend the knee too gangster like threats,,demands made by the EU. Our waters are not up not up for negotiations it is we the UK who will make the rules. Let’s be proud of who we are what ever our creed colour or religion there is nothing to fear, except fear it’s self.

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