UNACCEPTABLE: Leading UKIP Figures Blast Tusk Speech

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10 Responses

  1. Serena Lonton says:

    As I have said only today to a fellow branch committee member, if only we had a government with the b*lls to do it!

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Enough is enough , walk away, and WALK AWAY NOW,

  3. David Weaver says:

    Well, it appears th EU can take a hardline regarding British fishing waters. They DEMAND!!!! access to OUR FISHING WATERS!!!! But object to a HARDLINE BREXIT. It is clear by Tusk’s Statement a HARDLINE is what they want., as the EU get everything they want. THE GOVERNMENT MUST GIVE THEM A HARDLINE BREXIT!!!! Say “NO” “NO” “NO” and walk away.

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    Who cares what these fantasists “demand” ? Just get out of the EU and save some wasted energy, millions of pounds and much self-respect! Who the hell do they think they are? They haven’t even been elected democratically…..they can go whistle; and when it comes to our fishing grounds, we do have a substantial Royal Navy you know!

  5. Bernard Greenwood says:

    Tusk has made it clear what capitulations he expects from May, he will not be disappointed

  6. David Weaver says:

    Before all else I am an Englishman, and proud to be, who voted, along with 17 million+ others, to leave the EU through a democratically held referendum. We respect those who respect us, but we do not bend the knee to anyone, and I mean anyone, especially a group that makes demands, a group that has not been democratically elected, and who shows little respect to a nation who fought a war, for the freedom of Europe . UKIP won the battle to free Great Britain, from the creeping plaque that is the EU. Be assured we are now going to win the war.

  7. Jim Stanley says:

    I remember the Referendum Campaign well, with claims made in both sides about the intentions of the EU being central. Forget for a moment the numbers quoted on a bus, they are a side issue about just what we could spend our repatriated funds on for our own good, but think of the things we warned of. Early on we said that the the EU woild want an Army, and other services, but the Remain side came back with the cry “Rubbish” saying the EU would need to control foriegn policy for there to be a need of armed forces, but recently there have been demands for Europe to have cenralised policy as the EU towards those outside their sphere of influence. Did we really think they would let us have our fishing grounds back, after all as we have no fishing fleet left (after EU regs destroyed it), we do not need the grounds, so out of kindness, to prevent overpopulation of fish they would catch them, delivering them to the markets direct bypassing our fish processing facilities, saving them and depriving us, a fortune. And we let them do it! Virtually everything the Leave side warned about has come to pass, with none of the economic crash and burn foretold by the Remain side happened. Ibelieve that any soft remainer will look at how things are panning out and decide that maybe the Leave side got a lot of it right after all, and the arch Remainers over the years, the Ted Heaths and Ken Clarkes of this world hsve got it wrong. Maybe the Second Referendum should happen, maybe then it would be 75% to leave, but I see no need of that, it is clear that it us the EU that want a hard Brexit, they do not want to Trade they wish only to dominate, and as European history shows there us only one way to deal with people like that, in 1939, the answer was war, but we are not at that stage, nor will we ever be I hope, no, our answer now is to show our contempt for the bullying EU and simply fold our tents, and quietly walk comptemptuously away.

  8. Grant Smith says:

    They are a disgrace to any society, and I’m tired of saying ‘Get us out now!’ There will be a G E soon, it’s looking more like it. Thousands are writing daily to berate her dithering performance

  9. Nicki Wilson says:

    How I agree with all the above. Mrs May and Co. must not give in to these EU demands; they have already made too many concessions. Just walk away and let’s see who suffers most. The EU will. They won’t have our money, our trade – nothing. We must look after our fishing communities; help them build up again. Leave means leave – get on with it – no more capitulation!

  10. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Do you remember the cod war with Iceland, where Icelandic vessels bumped their boats against our Royal Navy. The end result was achieved with satisfaction, and with an amount of respect given by us to Iceland, and correctly so ! This might not happen with the EU, but the threat should be in place, and international law should be checked out !
    There is an easily understood fact here that Maggie May needs to understand. If you have a headache, then stop banging your head against the wall ! In other words just leave without payment. Sever all ties with the EU, but ask if they wish to continue with mutual security. Ensure that an invitation is given to trade with us, and London is open for such business as and when they are ‘free’ to open such trade !
    Leave the Irish to work out, with the insistence of the EU, the boarder question. After all, we don’t want it, and the Irish also don’t want it. This is only an EU requirement, so let them get on with it ! Our input will be just security, but at arms length. Put our trade into turbo mode, and open business with the world. Maybe with a time limit to agreement, pending in depth trade negotiations for the future ! If we are not careful we might have what we voted for !

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