BIASED BBC: A Cautionary Tale Showing Why UKIP Cannot Trust The MSM

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6 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Dear Alan and Darrell, I am not surprised in the least that the BBC turned fact into fiction. It disgusts me that this broadcasting company, that takes my money, that I have no control upon, sees fit to bend the truth !
    I used to be a firm advocate of this public broadcasting service, and the license fee, but not anymore. The very high standards that they had once, they have abandoned. I support UKIP’s view of doing away with the license fee ASAP !

  2. Bernard Greenwood says:

    UKIP will never be forgotten by the people who wanted to get free of the EU and will never be forgiven by the people who wanted to remain.

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    Alan made a basic mistake: he agreed to talk to the BBC and allowed them to manipulate him. They’re trained to do it. Ever noticed how people appearing on BBC to be interviewed are made to stand still and quiet while a camera focuses intensely on them for a long time, exploring every facial twitch and eye movement? A Beeb reporter and cameraman tried to do this with me in Redcar town centre during one campaign in 2016, while I held up one of the leaflets we were supposed to be handing out. I refused to co-operate and moved away to carry on leafleting, but they followed and tried to tell me where to stand – in a spot in the middle of the pedestrian High Street where no people were passing because they tend to walk down the sides looking in shops. Again I refused to co-operate. A snowflake Remaniac woman called our group in passing the usual thing – ‘racists’ because we wanted out of the EU. She didn’t stop to elaborate, but later I saw the Beeb manipulation team interviewing her, so I went over and kept asking her on camera why I was a racist. The reporter tried to bully me into going away, but I advised him to call the police. Eventually, they gave up and I had successfully sabotaged the interview because it never appeared.

    Three rules for engaging with the Biased Broadcasting Corpse: Don’t, Don’t, Don’t.

  4. John Freeman says:

    I and I believe many others lost faith in the BBC a long time ago. I would have ceased paying the license fee and would have used the tactics that are available in online advice to try to deter the enforcement thugs that knock on your door, but would not leave others in my family to be intimidated by them when I was out. Hopefully, ending this BBC cash cow will be a top policy for new UKIP now we have a real leader.

  5. Barrie Greratorex says:

    “I will not leave a sinking ship” implies the ship is sinking, how else can it be interpreted. The damage done by those who have plotted to turn UKIP over to Alien organisations, also a failed attempt, implies that UKIP exists only in name, just like Brexit, thanks to the Tory moles inside the Party, the damage has been done and bankruptcy awaits, with its architect still in charge of finance.

  6. Serena Lonton says:

    The best thing seems to be to refuse to give an interview to the BBS (Biased Broadcasting Company). When asked why, the response has to be “because you are biased against our party and always twist anything we say to discredit us”.

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