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  1. perpetual says:

    We definitely have a mountain to climb. UKIP Folkestone has been decimated ,but now HB has drained The Swamp we will rebuild, I have rejoined and we will try to get what remains to help pay off the debt .

  2. Ken says:

    Doesnt matter anymore head office dont reply to concerns from membersnor ex members dont give a flying fcuk about local matters,dont give a rats arse that clrs state left ukip but are still members. Brought down the only ukip council while still members of ukip while setting up a new party . Ukip head office waste of space dont care about ordinary people . Thats why ukip is finished ex leader supporting rebels while still leader traitorous actions yet the rebels go unpunished and still enjoy membership of ukip. Ukip is a joke now sunk to the level of other parties . RIP ukip

  3. Barrie Greratorex says:

    Not unless those plotters against yet another elected leader, are expelled from the Party. It is an utter disgrace from which we can never recover without drastic pruning.

  4. Helena Windsor says:

    Nicole, I’m looking forward to meeting you. Thank you for writing this – Kent has borne the brunt of the terrible mistake we unwittingly made last year. Yep – didn’t vote for him because of the litigation threat over AMW but afterwards was full of hope that he might pull us round instead of what actually happened.
    It’s going to be a long haul back – we need our leader to lead and to put a clear case for everything we CAN do post Brexit like reform tax & ditch VAT for sensible sales taxes and show the electorate that there is one party that still has a hold on real life in this sea of cultural Marxism robbing our kids of childhood and stability.
    Spoke to our new chairman today. Like me he is determined to get our Grassroots revolution

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Salutations to our kith and kin in Rochester, and to the South East’s Kippers !
    Ever since UKIP got rid of its unwanted bolt-on extra, I have been really up-market on the possibilities for this Party. You see, if you have a product that is excellent, then all that is necessary is to advertise its availability. I refer to the Party’s manifesto. Now manifestos can be boring, and it seems that our media will not hold and run with it, being far happier to concentrate upon the other Parties manifestos, that they know are only wish lists !
    Arm our grass root foot soldiers with one page summery of our manifesto, for door to door work, and make sure they have about 4 – 5 copies of the full manifesto, in case of argumentative interest, then let them go at it !
    We now have leadership, but we also have exceptional circumstances for the future of our Nation. Then add to all of this, the facts from like minded people in Germany and Italy, and a very positive wave of change is clearly seen across Europe. It is time for UKIP to put the boot in on this ! UKIP’s way is the correct way !

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