Tonight – Trans Kids: The Right Response?

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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  1. Serena Lonton says:

    This is a very honest, well-researched, and informative piece, and is to be congratulated. I have a 4 year old grandson, and 6 month old granddaughter, and the 4 year old starts school in September, therefore I am out of my mind with worry at what he will be taught on this subject. I sincerely hope NOTHING, as he is just too young. I do however have a lot of faith in my daughter and her partner to keep an eye on things. Perhaps this article could be flagged up to David Kurten, whose remit is education, although Gerard has not appointed his spokespersons yet. I spoke to David about this at the leadership hustings last Summer, and he is just as horrified at this situation. It has to be addressed. Thanks Mary.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I think Kipper Central is now motoring through an area, that I have simply zero interest in ! Did this problem even exist back in the 1940s, 50s and 60s ? I remember having school mates, and going hiking, biking, camping and joining the Scouts, but there was nothing that was gender orientated. The late 1950s had some of us in a mad hurry, at the end of school, to meet the girls coming out of a Dancing Academy, where we would accompany them back home, to be paraded before their Mum ! I can say without hesitation, that I would not have missed that for anything ! !
    In the 1960s I attended Navy Officer Cadet training. Rowing 12 oared cutters or 6 oared gigs, and then being introduced to the game of Rugby, and to Boxing. (This is the end of my history !). I had Navy Training from age 15, and can say that apart from an annual ship’s dance, where girls from a local girls school, were bussed in. No monkey business was possible due to the officers being on our case. We were ‘taught’ dancing, and the girls were only an extension to that teaching !
    I have no idea about gender problems with girls. Gender problems with boys never crossed my mind, probably due to the training always being carried out at the double. Life in Training was so full of manly activity, with schooling and Naval study as well as very demanding sport, that come ‘lights out’ we were all too exhausted, and sleep was a priority. This way of life might be too extreme for today’s generation, but it worked for me ! There was never enough time for gender examination !

  3. StuartJ says:

    While there is much for us, as a species, to learn and discover, there are a large number of known, accepted facts.
    For instance, the sky is blue (apart from those many days when it is grey of course).
    It is an accepted fact, that that is what the colour blue looks like.
    Consider though, if you were to raise a child, and insist that the sky is yellow, and that is what yellow looks like, just think how confused that child would be, when mixing with other children who correctly stated that the sky was blue, not yellow.
    Disrupt or distort the programming, and things will go wrong. Garbage in, garbage out as they say.
    It’s no wonder there are so many children growing up with mental health issues, when they are receiving defective programming (education).
    71 different gender identities? How long will it be before this nonsense starts spreading to our pets and other animals?

  4. Chris Dark says:

    The whole world has gone into a mentally unbalanced state. There are many conditions of mind in which people believe so strongly that they are a male, or female, or dog or cat, that their body simply follows suit and acts out the belief. For the most part, there’s nothing actually physically wrong with these people….the problem is all in the mind. The chromosomal abnormalities that occur, to cause confusion over someone’s sex, are very rare. I doubt very much whether there are many in the country. Prescribing hormone blockers to children is terrifying; how can a real doctor ever permit such a thing to be done?
    Schizophrenia can also cause people to see themselves in unreal states; that they have supernatural powers, events that never happened but are so powerful in their minds as to seem utterly real…Corbyn believes he’s the Prime Minister! :)….. maybe transgenders are borderline schizo….who knows….the confusion in society that has been created (deliberately) is utterly horrific and will take years to heal.

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    As far as gender dysphoria is concerned, I believe this is a very rare disorder, if it exists at all. Young children have always played at dressing up and wearing clothes designed for the opposite sex. The LGBT community is extremely small in the UK and makes up at most 1% to a maximum of 2% of the population. Think of how many people you personally know who come into any of these categories. 1, perhaps 2 or 3 maybe?

    As an educationalist of over 30 years who has taught in every sector of education, from primary through to tertiary, and dealt with thousands of young people, I believe I have come across very few children and young adults who were genuinely confused by their sexuality.

    The present furore is being stoked up by a vociferous minority of the LGBT community, who are trying to pretend that so-called gender dysphoria is a common phenomenon, when it patently is not. I believe that they are trying to justify their own attitudes and life style choices by attempting to include developing young people who have not yet become comfortable with their their own ideas of themselves or established their own sexualities, which I believe is quite common with young people between the ages of 10 and sixteen. Just because a seven year old boy tries on his big sister’s dress doesn’t mean he is confused by his sexuality or that he wants to grow up to be a woman. Just because a nine year old girl puts on her big brother’s leather jacket doesn’t mean that she wants to grow up a man.

    Relevant to this is the fact that if you are born a male or a female, you will always be a male or a female until the day you die. Science hasn’t yet found a way of changing an individual’s chromosomes . Even if a man has his penis and testicles removed through surgery and an artificial vagina constructed doesn’t make him a woman, even if he is treated with hormones that make him grow breasts. Similarly, if a woman has an artificially-constructed penis attached to her body, it doesn’t make her a man.

    I might wish to be a cat, but if I stick on a couple of pointed ears and a fluffy tail and make mewing noises, it doesn’t mean I’ve turned into a cat. I’m just pretending to be a cat.

    Please let some common sense rule. I feel that’s it’s disgusting that adults who should know better are trying to foist their beliefs and neuroses onto young children. It’s even more appalling that some unscrupulous members of the medical profession have hopped on the politically correct bandwagon and are trying to make a name for themselves through publicising made-up psychological conditions and aiding an abetting the aforementioned adults. Please remember that a medical so-called expert’s opinion is just that, an opinion. There is no way of cutting into a person’s brain and finding a big notice there that says ‘I am actually a member of the opposite sex’.

    I’m sorry that if some politically -correct people may be offended by my views (not really). Let’s have a common-sense discussion and stop pandering to the whims of a numerically infinitesimally-small sector of the community.

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Where are my comments on the subject? Have they been censored?

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    Thanks for the information.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      No worries. Just bear in mind I moderate the comments when I sit at my PC so if it takes a few hours doesnt mean its been denied. 🙂

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