WATCH: Tommy Robinson KNOCKS OUT Migrant After DEATH THREATS In No-Go Zone

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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8 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    We may not all agree with every aspect of Tommy Robinson’s approach, however who else is trying honestly to expose the REAL situation in Western Europe and the UK? The politicians across Europe are trying desperately to keep a lid on an explosive situation, where hundreds of thousands of migrants, mostly from North Africa and the Middle East have in effect invaded the Continent, not because they want to bring their skills for the benefit of the resident white, Christian population, but because of what they think they can get out of the too-generous Western European benefits systems. I am not a racist and I couldn’t care less what colour or religion people are. I do, however, like many others in Italy, France, Germany, Norway, Hungary, Austria and Switzerland resent the fact that pathetic, mainstream politicians have allowed this to happen.

  2. Pamela Preedy says:

    Tommy is a great and good guy and I’m glad to see he’s handy with his fists. too!

  3. Pamela Preedy says:

    I’ve just watched the video of the attack on the Italian reporter shown by Tommy, plus the sickening headlines showing other subhuman migrant crimes such as a Somali trying to rape a woman in labour. The scenes in Italy of Tommy himself being threatened by savages resembles scenes from a Walking Dead or zombie film. It’s horrifying that Europe had descended to this and European leaders, including our own, are to blame and unfit for office.

  4. John Wright says:

    Well done Tommy! This is the only language that this rabid scum understand & perhaps we are beginning to see the sort of retaliation which for far too long has been quite deliberately disallowed by politicians all over Europe & in the UK, extremely likely to lead to the person who retaliates ending-up in prison? This cowardly stupidity on the part of our Gov’t, legal services & our police, (who are forced to react to the law, whether ridiculous or not?) sends entirely the wrong message & inevitably, gives strength & succour to those who’ll take every advantage, even to the killing of innocents who don’t fight back! This is a scenario which is growing more alarming by the week & Italy is beginning to find the invasion of these unwelcome & extremely aggressive, mainly African immigrants a step too far! Europe has been inundated by these undesirables & they are causing more & more trouble every- where they congregate. We need to beware the intentions of these people & we need to be able to use whatever force is necessary, or pay a dreadful price.

  5. Stanley Cutts says:

    Rock on Tommy – good to see you doing a John Prescott!

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    Why is it that our pathetic politicians in the mainstream parties in the UK, also those in the rest of Western Europe, like Mrs Merkel, seem incapable of stemming the unwelcome flow of migrants from the Middle East and North Africa, not to mention the Afghans and Pakistanis who pretend to be Syrian refugees? In the case of Frau Merkel she has opened the doors to a flood of unwelcome, often ungrateful migrants, mainly young men between the ages of 25 and 30, who are in fact economic migrants and not genuine refugees or asylum seekers.

    I, and I am sure thousands of other citizens of these islands and the rest of the EU are baffled by the present and past policies on immigration carried out by pathetic, wet, liberal governments, which common sense would decree will only bring about disaster in the long run. It’s not as if Western Europe desperately needs the help of thousands of unskilled people, from Third World countries and so-called developing nations. The current immigration figures into the UK are appallingly high. It is no wonder that there is so much pressure on housing, education, the NHS, welfare services, the transport systems with the present ridiculously-high levels of inward migration.

    In addition, there is the undoubted threat of creeping and in fact rampant Islamisation of parts of Western Europe by people who are reluctant to integrate and adopt Western European lifestyles. There are parts of major towns and cities across Europe, not to mention the UK, where there are in effect ghettos and in some places in Germany and other countries places which are no-go areas, particularly at night, mainly due to the colonisation/ invasion by migrants from North Africa and the Middle East. This is a massive danger and hence you are witnessing the springing up of far-Right parties and groups in countries such as France, Italy, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and across Scandinavia. It’s about time people started to speak the truth about the situation. I am heartily sick of the Luvvies and the so-called liberal Left wringing their hands and shouting about racism and xenophobia. We all know the usual suspects, such as Bob Geldof, Emma Thompson, Bono et al. Of course none of them live in the real world, where they have to trip over beggars in the streets, homeless immigrants and Romanian women begging on the Underground, with the obligatory baby in tow.

    I should mention that I am not racist, being of mixed parentage and having many relations in the Levant. They have all, however, worked all their lives, not depended on state handouts and established businesses that have employed many others, some British-born native citizens.

    Tommy Robinson may have an axe to grind but there is no other way to highlight what is going on than to take direct action, as our police are tied hand and foot by their politically-correct senior hierarchy, who are answerable to politically-wet politicians in Whitehall.

  7. Tony Hawke says:

    High Tommy well what can I say you are the best person to show use people what is going on in the UK and Europe, long my you continue this.
    You have my serport

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