Young Independence Chair SLAMS Abuse And Threats Targeting Young Brexiteers

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5 Responses

  1. George Lloyd says:

    Sadly the far left do not want a discussion, their tactic is to chant mantras and throw abuse. This is because they do not have the wherewithal to support their views, and can only resort to not letting you put yours. I agree there is a left wing bias in our education system, a while ago I met a head teacher in her office who smoked during the meeting and had the attitude and appearance of an unkempt hippy.

  2. Serena Lonton says:

    As the comment from George Lloyd says, these morons don’t have an argument, so they resort to intimidation, and yes, it is the left-wing bias in not only educational establishments, but all forms of the media. I am of the opinion, if I am allowed such a thing, that the EU is funding the BBC to report what they want us to see and hear, along with certain newspapers etc. When they speak of the problems in the NHS, it is the “ageing population” causing all the problems. What a load of rubbish! It is a contributory factor, but it is more the uncontrolled immigration that has continued for so long that has got us where we are today. The sooner we start seeing proper teachers doing their job efficiently the better educated our young people will be.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I well remember my teenage years, and what would be called my far left stance. For almost two years, Communism was the only system that made any sense to me. With my license to drive a car, I hit the roads of Europe, which was most enjoyable, and saw at first hand how different Nations, with their individual takes on Government did things. Bulgaria was the country that cleansed me of Communism. I could not get out of there quick enough. ( This was in the early 1960s ). All I do know is that on my return home, I had lost any interest in the far left of politics !
    This is why I support UKIP’s Young Independence. They are so different to myself at their age, but for the better ! They get abuse, probably from their peers, because they have had the cheek to vault over a far left period of development, and those who throw the abuse will probably take many years to grow up politically. Sad to say that some will never mature with the ability to think for themselves, and to question politics ! …….. I would support a move to take heed of UKIP’s Y.I. views by the main Party, due to the fact that they have already shown their ability and mind-set !

  4. ?Linda Hudson says:

    Young and Old, stand firm against intimidation and those louts who are abusing will be shown up for what they are!
    We have a law that protects not just the person from abuse, but also free speech!
    The law of Britain must stand firm too, the people are watching!

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    As a teacher for more than thirty years in primary, secondary and the tertiary sector of education, I wholeheartedly agree that the educational establishment of the UK has been infected by Socialism and more particularly by the ideas of the modern fascist Left , who are not prepared to listen to the views and opinions of those who disagree with them. Many of the nasty hard-Left act like the Nazis in pre-war Germany, shout down those they disapprove of and use intimidation and physical violence to try to shut down reasoned argument . The Conservatives are no longer the ‘nasty party’; this ground is occupied by the Labour Party and especially Momentum, a sect of crypto-Communist thugs.

    When I was in teaching, members of the profession in any staffroom hardly ever dared to admit that they voted Conservative for fear of being ostracised or ridiculed by their professional ‘colleagues’. This stems from the indoctrination that takes place in 6th forms and universities, where most lecturers I have come across are of a Left-wing outlook. A local headteacher I know of has even banned certain newspapers from being brought onto the school premises (the Daily Mail and Daily Express) but is quite happy to settle down in his office and read The Guardian (surprise, surprise).

    As an aside, I note that very few of the Leftie Luvvies, like Emma Thompson, Bob Geldoff and the usual suspects. , not to mention the Leftist academia, have rushed forward to condemn charities like Oxfam and Save the Children, which are favourites of so many Left-wing drum-bangers, in relation to the latest sex scandals perpetrated by those who are supposed to be saving lives and providing aid abroad.

    The Left in general, especially the intellectual ‘elite’, are envious, narrow-minded destructive hypocrites and always have been.

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