OPINION: Breaking The MSM Cartel – A Matter Of Survival

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5 Responses

  1. Informed says:

    I’d say the media are the least of our problems.
    Don’t you think we should get our constitutional affairs in order first before any such long-term media strategy (or anything else) can be discussed?

    Survival is our priority, starting with a good clean out.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Including of the current Comms team….sadly, constitutional affairs are backroom issues, if we dont get on the pitch right we dont get results and we dont survive. We have too many people who think the constitution is the priority when it isnt. Politics is a results business, getting the results is the first priority….

  2. Stanley Cutts says:

    UKIP members should remind themselves that their party recently became a laughing stock – and not for the first time! So it will be an uphill battle at best to return to any kind of credibility with the public, let alone with the mischievous press. This has to be the starting point. Having said that, I would totally agree with Darrell when he says that Gerard Batten should not give an inch. He should take the Churchillian approach and tell it like it is. This approach carries risks, but if it is accompanied by common sense and consistent good judgement and leadership, he will win respect for both himself and the party – and that’s exactly what is needed. Now is not the time for faint hearts. If UKIP is to succeed then the leader will need support from all corners of the party – with no mavericks stepping out of line. Whether we like it or not, we NEED good publicity – which means we’ve got to earn it by showing consistency at all levels and all members marching in step.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Stanley,

      To a degree but Gerard isnt our leader, hes our Interim leader so nothing you wish for will happen until after the contest we are obliged to and will be having. I dont agree about good publicity – we will never get it from the MSM, the only good publicity we get is the publicity we will generate for ourselves.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Hi Stanley and Darrell. Yep, your both right on this matter. We have all been through the embarrassment generated by leadership of UKIP, but since all members have had this, a common objective has now been reached, and I am so happy that this unity of purpose is now in being.
        I have said elsewhere in Kipper Central, that 17.4 million voters want out of the EU. This means that our target area for membership to UKIP, is the richest area in political history, if the Party is sharp enough to use the wishes of the voting public. We have to look outward for benefit, and not inward for small personal gain !

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