SAVE UKIP CAMPAIGN: Be Proactive And Make A Difference!

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5 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    We are not down and there is a lot going on to re-invigorate the party.
    The strength of UKIP has always been its members i its leaders have been our weakness.
    But now under Gerard Batten we have strength and firmness of purpose at last.
    The next job for every one of us is to put up candidates for the coming May local elections. Standing as a candidate will cost you nothing, no cash deposit needed, except courage and your readiness to stand as a UKIP candidate.
    So contact your local branch and sign up for the fight to get our country back.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Joe Simons, you put the facts of the matter very well. Thanks for that ! I had not had any political preference, and considered myself to be a ‘ floating voter.’ I am probably slightly right of centre, but that was not taken note of by my workmates, when they asked me to be their Shop Steward ! ( An enjoyable period of life where I found that I had some advocacy skill, and was able to stop strike action by the whole Union Branch, by following another line of action ).
    I took notice of UKIP quite early on, but years had to pass before I realised that this Party was for people who had real pride in our Nation. I voted to join a Common Market, but in the 1980s knew I had made a huge mistake, and wanted the chance to correct. UKIP scared PM Cameron into holding a referendum, and I joined the Party wholeheartedly as age and health would allow. A period of stupidity with leadership came and went to our embarrassment, and some folk are saying that UKIP is a dead duck ! Well it’s not ! I am still here, and will bleed as much money into the Party as I can afford to do, and that is where I stand today ! 17.4 million voted out of the EU. – That’s a lot of potential UKIP members !

  3. Norma says:

    We have 14 Wards with elections, all covered. 11 active candidates 3 paper candidates

  4. Barrie says:

    Ukip only know how to get rid of democratically elected leaders and install those preferred by a small minority.

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