“Enough Is Enough”: BOMBSHELL REPORT Says Authorities COVERED UP Telford Child Abuse To Avoid ‘Racism’

Image: Sunday Mirror

Reece Coombes

As a 16-year-old member of UKIP with a cardboard Nigel Farage cut-out in his bedroom, Reece is hardly your bog-standard student, but he cherishes his independent thinking as his greatest strength. Reece is the founder and owner of Kipper Central, a UKIP community blog with thousands of daily hits and is also the Deputy Chairman of Young Independence, UKIP's youth wing, where he works hard to promote Brexit and radical thinking to young people across Britain.

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16 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    It is inconceivable that these crimes were not known by the majority of Muslims in Telford to be happening. But it is contrary to Islam for a Muslim to report to any non-Islamic authority a crime by a Muslim.
    Muslims are obviously unhappy with western civilisation. Either they leave our country and be happy in a Muslim-run country of we native British will be subject to a harsh Islamic regime which will be the end of Christian life in Britain.
    UKIP must come to an reconciliation with Anne Marie Waters’ party or we will not be able to seriously confront our country’s enemies.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    The whole business of covering-up these kinds of crimes for decades is utterly sinister. It isn’t just about rape and not even just about “Asian” gangs…there’s something underneath it all much much bigger. I can only comment as an ordinary soul with no political skills and only basic understanding of the law….but how can police fail to “do” anything about this for so long? It really is so disgusting as to be impossible to find words for it in the dictionary. There is desperation by authorities to bury these events…but when the truth comes out (it’ll be soon, I’m sure) it will condemn them all, and then some, and many more on top, government included.

    • forthurst says:

      You are correct; there is a conspiracy to multiculturise not only us but other Western countries. As far as this country is concerned it commenced with the Empire Windrush of which the Cabinet had no knowledge and did not initiate it although a couple of Cabinet ministers were aware. Of all the groups most preferred by the enemy within are the Muslims. It is inconceivable that without direction from the top, the lid could ever have been kept on this monstrous criminality. However, without changes to our laws to protect those who were non-native and changes to our immigration policy, all initiated by these people, it would not have been possible either. Under Tony Blair, the conspiracy became more open and blatant. There clearly has been a change of policy at the top to no longer hide these crimes after the damage had well and truly been done. Don’t blame the Muslims. Go after those who set out to multiculturise us using the Muslims as weapons.

    • Chris Dark
      The Truth is already out there – sad to say the MSM and the government are choosing to ignore or not report it.

      In my view ALL deniers are DESPICABLE beyond belief.

  3. J.L.Kay says:

    I find it appalling that the authorities and I include here the local police in Telford and the local Social Services, knew about the Asian grooming gangs, who have been carrying out such vile and disgusting attacks on mainly young, white girls and have done little if anything over the years (perhaps the last 40 years) to stop this happening, on the grounds that they might be considered racist. Let’s get this straight right from the start, most of the worst cases of recent years of grooming, abduction, rape, impregnation, gang rape, and forced drug-taking of young, vulnerable white girls has been carried out by gangs of Asian men, mainly of Pakistani origin. Without putting too fine a point on it, these men are sick, perverted, paedophile criminals and need to be treated as such and locked away for a very long time. At the end of their sentences, they should face automatic deportation if they are foreign nationals, regardless of any so-called family ties they have in this country.

    I feel it’s well over-due that a full-scale inquiry takes place to find out what it is in the Asian (mainly Pakistani) community that makes their menfolk act in this way. Are there a disproportionate number of paedophiles in the Asian community and if so, why is their own community covering up for them and not condemning them in the strongest possible terms? If this is the case,I would respectfully suggest that the Pakistani community has set itself up as active enablers of these people. In addition, why is it that these Asian grooming gangs so infrequently target young Asian girls. For precisely the reason that their own community wouldn’t tolerate it and would seek to impose summary justice on their menfolk. Why is it OK then for young white girls to be raped, tortured impregnated and forced to undergo the most degrading acts at the j hands of these monsters?

    Why is no-one asking these questions ? I don’t accept the excuse that the police and social services are now reviewing their procedures. It isn’t possible for all these offences to have been carried out without the Asian, mainly Pakistani Muslim community, shielding these men and in effect aiding and abetting them.

    Let’s shine a light on this topic and stop evading the issue that the ‘authorities’ have been scared for a very long time to bring everything out into the open in places like Rotherham, Rochdale, Oxford and I am sure, many other towns and cities across the UK,because of the fear of exacerbating local racial tensions. Well now everything has blown up in their faces and everybody across the country knows what has been covered up in local areas for decades. Let’s call these Asian grooming gangs what they are; paedophile rapists and thugs, who should be taken off the streets and locked away for substantial periods of time.

    It’s no good the social services and the local police describing some of these disturbed, vulnerable young women as prostitutes. The truth is that the local police in many cases just couldn’t be bothered to deal with ‘awkward’ youngsters and have left them to their fate. I roundly condemn the local police forces, local social services and local councilors who have known about this scandal, sometimes for many years, and done nothing about it.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There are countries in the world, where if a ‘liberty’ is taken with a daughter, then the whole family takes direct action, and legal process is the last thing that crosses the mind of that family ! Is this what the Authorities want ? In such countries the ideas of racism are very secondary ! It should also be noted that a daughter, if found to be courting danger, will be in deep trouble with the family. – It is parental control, but of an overbearing intensity !
    These Asian sex gangs, and the weakling Authorities that place Political Correctness ahead of our laws, should be dealt with together. Both make up the problem ! Prewar, there was a Chief Constable of Glasgow, by the name of Sillitoe, who took on a no nonsense approach to the razor gangs, and the local Government Councillors alike ! Maybe if a similar man could be found today, and given the necessary legal powers, this problem would end in short order.

  5. John Francis says:

    Have to agree wholeheartedly with Rob Bryant. As soon as UKIP are in a position to start having members covering the major Departments of State, every effort should be made to get Anne Marie Waters involved, even as a coalition with her For Britain, to raise a campaign on the issue of Asian/Muslim rape gangs.
    After every one of these cases has come to light, there is a short lived outcry, followed by police and politicians talking of learning lessons and taking more effective action in future.
    What happens? Nothing at all. The evil scum continue their abuse of white girls unhndered and the political elite again stand by and let it happen, so they dont have to confront this awakward issue and actually do something.
    UKIP must take the lead. Get Anne Marie Waters involved. It will be a hugely popular issue with many of the voting public. But most importantly, it will be the right thing to do.

  6. J.L.Kay says:

    I agree with the comments of Mike Maunder and John Francis. However, we are still not getting to the root of the question as to why there are so many predatory paedophiles in the Asian (mainly Pakistani) community in this country. considering their (relatively) small numbers among the general population. Is this something peculiar to Pakistani culture? (The question has to be addressed) . It’s quite clear from past cases and the comments of the men involved that they don’t respect young white women and probably women in general for that matter. Note the downtrodden, second-class citizen status accorded to Muslim women in this country, the fact that many can’t speak English even after having resided in the UK for decades and that many aren’t even allowed out of the house on their own with out a (male) chaperone, even an eight year old boy.

    As I remarked previously, why hasn’t there been a cry of outrage throughout the Asian community at these horrific crimes? Basically, I would guess, because they couldn’t care less about white, Christian girls. Secondly I would guess because many Asian (mainly Pakistani) women are grateful for the fact that their menfolk are exercising their baser instincts in someone’s else’s community and not bothering them with gross sexual demands.

    I utterly condemn the weak, pathetic politicians, both local and national, lazy, couldn’t-care-less social workers as well as the police, especially the police, for being so so lax and criminally incompetent in failing to protect members of the public from violent rapists and paedophiles. And yes, young troubled, alienated white girls ARE members of the public and not some hidden sector of society who deserve to be forgotten about.

    As I said, the fact that the Asian(Pakistani) community hasn’t done anything about this disgrace proves to me that they in general are facilitators of these men, enablers, who are aiding and abetting these monsters. It is entirely hypocritical that these so-called men can go to prayers on a a Friday and be out and about picking up young white girls for sexual reasons on a Saturday night. Why haven’t they been excommunicated from their religion, or whatever the Muslim equivalent is, by their Imams?

    The whole situation reeks of hypocrisy and corruption, not to mention political correctness gone mad, mainly I would add, fostered by the so-called liberal Left elite. Not much comment from the Luvvies, I note, about the sexual transgressions of those working for their favourite charities. Emma Thompson, Bob Geldof, where are you?

    Please let me know your feelings regarding the above.

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    Anne Marie Waters speaks only sense and if you actually listen to one of her speeches she is not a racist rabble-rouser or thug. The point is that the authorities don’t want her raising the truth about the galloping Islamisation of the UK and the rest of Western Europe. This is mainly because they don’t want the buck to stop at their door, where it belongs, for their criminally incompetent handling of mass immigration into Europe from Asia, North Africa and the Middle east over many years. As I have said elsewhere the politicians and overpaid civil servants of the Westminster bubble and fortress Brussels don’t have to live every day cheek by jowl with foreign criminals, pickpockets, Romanian beggars on the Tube trains, homeless immigrants underneath motorways bridges in and around London, those building shanty towns near the Gare du Nord and on the banks of the Seine etc, etc, etc.

    These idiots are insulated from reality and don’t give a fig about real citizens who have put them in their positions in the first place and pay their inflated wages. The Asian grooming gang problem is just another symptom of the general political correctness, ignorance and contempt by our so-called ruling elites and has been swept under the carpet for far too long.

  8. Tracey says:

    No i’m sorry they shouldn’t be deported after serving their sentence!! They shoul bedeported before their sentence and be made to serve it in whatever country they originated from. Why should we have to pay for them to have a life of luxury? If they got jailed abroad they may think twice about doin it again. Or even fit the punishment they get to what it would be over there

  9. Pamela Preedy says:

    Has anyone the gumption to shout to the idiots that cover up these filthy crimes, that it is the muslim rapists who are RACISTS because they deliberately pick on white girls to debase them according to their racist religion and culture?? Where is the sanity this country used to have?

  10. Martin Silver says:

    The ones that kept this sick disgusting crimes covered up should feel the guilt that these young girls went through. They have blood on their hands and a deep sickening morality. SHAME ON THEM ALL 😡😡😡😡

  11. J.L.Kay says:

    To Martin Silver
    I absolutely agree with you but who are these people? Let’s be honest and name them as the lazy, incompetent local social services, the criminally negligent local police, the local councilors who did nothing because of political correctness and tried to sweep things under the carpet (for years) and of course the pathetic Westminster politicians (mainly from the Left) who have been beating the drum about multi-culturalism (which patently doesn’t work) for years and refuse to lay the blame where it belongs, at the door of the Asian, mainly Pakistani community, who refuse to accept responsibility for their co-religionists’ behaviour. How many friends, relation, acquaintances of these despicable rapists and child molesters suspected what was going on and did nothing? Very many, I would suspect, for the plain and simple reason that they view Western girls and women as immoral because of the way they dress and the freedoms they enjoy and following on from that the fact that they probably think that white British girls somehow’ deserve’ what has happened to them. It doesn’t get away from the fact that a substantial number of menfolk of the Pakistani community ( and it is seemingly a large number) are seducers, rapists, paedophiles and worse. This is something the liberal Left, the Guardian, the BBC, the chattering classes and the Luvvies just don’t want to discuss on the grounds that to do so would be racist. It is quite a coincidence that most of the offenders just happen to be from the same ethnic minority community. I haven’t heard of gangs of paedophile rapists being Buddhists, Sikhs, Hindus, Christians or of the Jewish faith. Have you?
    I rest my case.

  12. J L Kay, I agree with all that you say..
    As a slight side issue, seek out and view the interview with Lord Malcolm Pearson and Tommy Robinson.
    After listening to the piece, I have formed the view that this Lord is possibly the only one who deserves to be in the House of Lords. He needs to be supported and encouraged to press for more meaningful debate.
    Regards to you and yours

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