JOE SIMONS: Legendary Right Wing Politician’s Grave Vandalised?

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10 Responses

  1. Barrie says:

    This great man would not have approved of Ukips despicable treatment of Bolton and the other leaders by the cabal operating inside Ukip.

    • Matthew Jenkins says:

      “Ukips despicable treatment of Bolton”??? That’s a good one.
      Bolton lied, lied and lied again, then did a media tour to laugh about all the lies he’d told!
      Thousands including myself left UKIP under Bolton’s alleged leadership.
      He was largely unseen for 3 months and when he reappeared was for all the wrong reasons.
      No apologies, and when asked to choose he said he chose UKIP, yet carried on very publicly regardless.

    • Pamela Preedy says:

      Sez who? You? Enoch would have despised Bolton as a libidinous little man with no moral fibre, a loser leader who dragged Ukip though the mud. That’s if he could have been bothered to take any notice of the pathetic pipsqueak at all.

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    I comment as an Agnostic, who was brought up in a Christian household to respect those of Faith, any Faith. To desecrate a grave is an abhorrent act, reviled by all religions that I know of in our Country, such actions are simply not acceptable in a civilised society. Mr Powel was an influential politician, who spoke his mind openly, in the full knowledge his views would be controversial to say the least! I wonder about the motivation of those people who will physically attack a man in his grave, do they not realise that this would bring the “Rivers of Blood” speech into the limelight? So where will it end, will we see attacks on the final resting place of controversial politicians. Both Churchill and Thatcher had their detractors, will their final resting place be next on the list for mindless vandalism? I wonder why this mindless attack has taken place, 50 years on, were Mr Powel’s words so powerfull, that these people can only counter them, not with words in our democratic traditions, but by seeking to commit an act beyond the boundaries of civilised society? Of course it is always possible that this act has nothing to do with politics, but is a simply act of inadequate vandals seeking some sort of fame through notoriety, after their 15 minutes of fame. Politics is a dirty business, but, I hope in many ways, that this was not a political act. We are all used to the dirty tricks of our calling, but I do not think that our most extreme opponents would sink to this level. Should it be a political act, then politics has sunk to a new disgusting low, that will not be tolerated by a civilised society.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We are all disgusted by such action, and I would think that includes many correct thinking Labour people ! …. What it does show, is the brain dead nastiness of the far left. Then again, they have turned the spotlight upon their ineffectiveness within this Nation. Enoch alive, was too much to take on ! Now we can mess up his grave ! …. ‘ Dat, I fink is good, yer ! ‘

  4. J.L.Kay says:

    I don’t know how anyone can speak of UKIP’s treatment of Henry Bolton as despicable, as he dishonestly presented himself as a candidate for election to the position of leader as a stable, happily-married man with a settled home life. This was a patent lie, as he has been proved to be a serial philanderer with three broken marriages behind him, who cheated on his last wife while she was still breastfeeding their latest child. Apart from which, he seemed happy to hop into bed with a woman less than his age, who has spewed despicable Fascist comments and talked about torturing and killing babies.

    In regard to Enoch Powell, one of the most intelligent men of his generation, the youngest brigadier in the British army and an Oxbridge classics don, as I have written elsewhere, he was substantially correct in his prophesies about the troubles that unrestricted mass immigration would bring to this country. He may have expressed himself in racist language by 21st century standards, but he was absolutely right in most other respects. The streets of the UK have already begun to run with rivers of blood, due to the mainly Muslim terrorists (the BBC can’t bring itself to use the term) who have perpetrated violent and horrific acts on the Underground, the buses of the capital, in Westminster, in Manchester and various other places, including notably Paris and other European cities.

    As with the Muslim rapists and paedophiles preying on young white girls, the Muslim community in general has closed ranks and done little to root out extremism in its midst. Again we see the perverse effects of a closed society that has formed itself into virtual ghettos in most of the UK’s large towns and cities, where women, both Asian and white, are treated as second-class citizens, where many can’t even speak English after having been on the country for decades and where many neighbourhoods of our inner cities are unrecognisable to the native British white population who lived there twenty or thirty years ago.

    This is creeping, if not rampant, colonisation by an alien culture and the pathetic, weak, politically-correct British governments of the last few years have done little to stop it happening. They, and the police, social workers and local government officials have turned a blind eye to the behavior of many in the Asian (mainly Pakistani) community, for fear of being labelled racist.Let’s cut out this crap and point the finger of blame where it belongs, to the men who have perpetrated acts of terrorism, rape, torture and murder in our country. These people are not Hindu, Sikh, Jewish, Christian or Buddhist. We all know which community they come from, which would lead one to believe that there is something fundamentally wrong in that community or the creed it adheres to.

    Please correct me if I am wrong on any of these points.

    • Brenda Rattle says:

      You are most definitely NOT wrong.

      Kind regards.

      • MIKE MAUNDER says:

        Spot on J.L.Kay. When Governments major on Political Correctness, the rule of Law gets bent out of shape. I have elsewhere in Kipper Central, asked the question, – Do the Police, the Courts and Government want the people to do their job, with all the mistakes that would encompass ? The obvious answer is NO ! So is it unreasonable to expect these agencies to get stuck in with the force that they have been given ? !

    • Stanley Cutts says:

      Enoch Powell was a hero and a highly intelligent man of great foresight. I won’t repeat your very accurate words JLK, but I just want to endorse everything you have said about Enoch and the terrible situation in our country, and indeed the whole of Europe. I fear for my children and grandchildren……..

  5. Alec Yates says:

    You can disagree with someone in life but to carry on when that person has been dead for 20 years and desecrate not only his but also his wife’s grave is unforgivable.

    As for the current MP she should be representing her constituents views but chooses to ignore them regarding the blue plaque. We should celebrate Powell for his service during the war and being one of the great orators of our time.

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