SAVE UKIP CAMPAIGN: Nigel Farage Donates Signed Books And Photographs

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4 Responses

  1. Debbie Lovell says:

    That is jolly good of him.

  2. Alice druggan says:

    We want nigel in the driving seat without him it seems pointless. Bolton has already said something then did another I would not trust anyone but farage. And I think MANY will feel the same. We have to many sayin what they will do then doing nothing

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Good idea Carl, and our salutations to the Kippers of Wigan !
    I used to hold to the rule, of never passing money to Political Parties. After all, politicians are thieves and con-men ! Suddenly I find real passion for a political requirement, with only this Party taking the requirement seriously. It could be said that UKIP could have done better, without the leadership stupidity, and you would be right ! Since I am tied to getting out of the EU, and we are still in it, up to our necks, I have and will give money to this Party. WHAT ABOUT YOU ? !

  4. Barrie Greatorex says:

    Should have thought about all this before waste of time EGM, now they are leaving the fight after they have done the damage with yur assistance.

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