WATCH: Gerard Batten MEP BLASTS EU Saying There Should Be NO SURRENDER

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6 Responses

  1. Alec Yates says:

    Absolutely spot on Gerard. I particularly liked his adaptation of the Churchill phrase which clearly states the UKIP position, ‘there will be NO surrender’. Let this now be our rallying call against the spineless Tory government.

  2. Jim Stanley says:

    Seems to me that the EU are the ones who want their cake and eat it! The British are a reasonable people, we recognise that we have obligations, and are prepared to meet them. But the EU must also recognise that we have invested heavily in the European Project, and that we expect some give and take on both sides. The EU has been described as a Club, a Marriage, a Union and has always regarded itself as a Country as is laid out in the Treaty of Rome. However whatever it is called, we have decided to Leave, a protracted process to be sure, but one that would go smoothly if only both Parties treat each other as equals, unlike the Animal Farm situation that exists. The EU is not a democracy, the Parliamentry circus where the MEP’s sit is just a talking shop without power, which ruled by unelected beurocrats, effectively a dictatorship, a system tried before in Europe, which did not turn out to well! Thus far, to describe the Leave negotiations as a two way street is a misnomer, where our reasonable requests are countered with demands for our fishing grounds, our Law subservient to the ECJ, and free access to all from the EU, hardly an acceptable position, particularly when coupled to demands for huge amounts of cash to be paid well into the future. Our Nation was built on Trade, OK, this was backed by our Navy, but it was Trade that was the driving force. As we no longer have a manufacturing base, and our farmers unable to feed the Nation we must import many of our basic needs, but if the EU has it’s way, they will control who we buy from! Currently we pay huge amounts of money giving aid to developing countries because we are not allowed to trade with them without swingeing tariffs, what a waste! To Leave is easily defined in one word, CONTROL, we want it back, and they do not wish us to have any. I have said t many times, and I say it again, we should walk away and walk away now under WTO rules. Since the turn of the millennium the EU share of world trade has fallen from nearly 30% to 15% , and this includes all our external trade why on earth shoikd we be woried about a market of 560 million people, when the Commonwealth alone has a customer base of 2.2 billion, eager to trade tariff free with us, not to mention the United States who are keen to do a deal. To be honest, I am at a loss to explain the attitude of Mrs May’s negotiators, they seem to be concentrating on remaining tied to the EU, not on being the free Nation State as the Leave vote demands. The time has come to end the so called negociations, little more than a list of expensive demands and simply walk away now!

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Well put Gerard. I seem to remember that my ballot paper was Leave or Stay in the EU. There was not a further vote box between the two, for half in and half out !
    Then there is the cost ! Do I want some sort of deal that will keep us paying to the EU, through to 2064 ? Or do I want to just leave as instructed by the people ? What a damned silly question ! LEAVE, AND LEAVE NOW ! Thank you !
    Then there is the silent question, of ‘Can we survive outside the EU ?’ – Wow ! this is a tough one ! Should we stay with the EU and 20% of world trade, or leave and tap in to 80% world trade ? Only the remoaners are stumped for an answer !

  4. Derek Walker says:

    If we are to continue paying billions into the EU to fund ongoing projects already agreed, can somebody please outline what projects in the UK will contiue to be funded by the EU after we have left.

    • Jim Stanley says:

      Mr Walker, the EU does not fund a single project in the UK! They take huge amounts of cash from us every week, and then begrudgingly pass a few crumbs back to pay for vanity projects with huge signs saying “Funded by the EU”, this is rubbish, it is our money in the first place, and we do not even decide where the money is spent! The answer is very simple, we walk away now, continue to support our farmers and other industries currently controlled by the EU, until they return to free markets producing what is needed here and profitability. Basically it is our money the EU claim is theirs, so the sooner we take back control the better. Walk away now!

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