Dear Penny Mordaunt: An Open Letter On Foreign Aid

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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9 Responses

  1. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear Marv Hollingworth
    Thank you for your eminently sensible letter and for the very pertinent sentiments expressed. I am totally opposed to 0.7% of GDP or GNI being used for Oversea Aid, especially as we have a situation in this country where the NHS is running out of money, due to the ageing population and of course a growing immigrant population, exacerbated by higher than native British birth rates among foreign mothers . I also think of the £13 billion or so we are spending annually on Foreign Aid in the context of how many more hospitals and care homes we could build with this money, how many more nurses, doctors, police officers and teachers we could employ, among other useful things that could be done with this money. Politicians have to remember that this 0.7%, which doesn’t seem a lot put in those terms is over 13 billion pounds a year and is tax payers’ money. Were the British electorate consulted on this? Of course not, we never are, with the exception of the Referendum, which was only granted, of course, because David Cameron thought that a vote to exit the European Union could never happen. Shows what happens when you actually consult the people!

    Regarding Overseas Aid, it has been obvious for years that a lot of this money is wasted and goes into the pockets of African dictators, amongst others, who send their wives and families on jaunts to Paris, Rome, Milan and London to top up their wardrobes from designer clothes stores, as well as being funneled into anonymous Swiss bank accounts. There are many countries who receive our Aid that are still characterised by grinding poverty and where the money and aid does not reach the people it is intended for. In some war-torn areas of the world Overseas Aid in the form of food ans supplies finds its way directly into the warehouses of rebel governments and raggle taggle ‘peoples’ armies.

    I fail to see why we send Aid to India and Pakistan, who have wasted billions developing nuclear weapons and in the case of India, who are engaged in their own space race. I note that in these countries there are still people sleeping on the streets of the major cities and homeless child prostitutes haunting the thoroughfares. Why is this? What are these governments doing with our money?

    • Lorraine says:

      HS2 has a projected cost of £56 billion but could be as much as a £104 billion.
      OUR foreign aid budget is approaching £14 billion a year.
      Social care for adults was £17.2 billion in 2014 but over 65’s only account for £8.8 billion of that, down from £10.1 billion in 2009.
      And yet we are told an increasing aging population is a burden and that the social care they receive in their final years has to be paid for out of their estate!
      Both the dementia tax (both Labour and the Conservatives have a version) and inheritance tax (Labour would lower the threshold so that more middle income families paid it) are twilight robbery, penalising those who have already contributed the most, based on a false premise!

      Saying “As population ages” (which concludes most reports about the NHS crisis) is considered more politically correct and acceptable than saying “As mass immigration exceeds and increases beyond all expectations”.

  2. J.L.Kay says:

    Thank you Marv Hollingworth for your well-argued and pertinent comments about UK so-called Foreign Aid. I heartily agree with the points you raise as to why we are sending Aid to countries such as India, which has a space and nuclear programme and where people still beg in vast numbers in their major cities and where millions still live in a state of Victorian poverty. This is not to mention the very many homeless children who are to be found in Calcutta, Mumbai and other centres of population, who have to fend for themselves by prostitution and other measures. Also let’s not forget Pakistan, another nuclear power, where millions live at subsistence level. In addition, we also send money to China of all places, the second largest economy in the world!

    This 0.7% of GDP amounts to 13+ billion pounds sterling a year, which could well be better spent in this country on the armed forces, the police, employing more teachers, doctors and nurses, not to mention building more hospitals and care homes for a growing population, exacerbated, of course, by rampant immigration.

    I’m sure this has been pointed out to the so-called mainstream ‘politicians’ numerous times but of course they’re not interested in what the ordinary voter thinks or says, because we are all, of course, ignorant racist bigots who can’t see the bigger picture, whatever that is. They, of course, being the prize clowns in the Westminster bubble , couldn’t care less as long as we carry on voting for them at every election!

  3. Anthony Woodcock says:

    I support the options set out in this open letter. It ia time to take the blinkers off on foreign aid and stop trying to compete in virtue signalling. It’s pathetic.

  4. Helena Windsor says:

    Why is there never any sensible debate like this? Why assume that training people will mean they want to work overseas. Surely the powers that be can grasp that when you feel there is absolutely no future for you – or your family to prosper in your community those with gumption move on. If there is still no hope in other parts of your country you will emigrate, legally or otherwise to a land where you perceive you may have a chance. It’s what Irish people did during the potato famine – to the USA.
    If we can aid people to get themselves in a situation where they feel they have a future then migration to the west will reduce, not increase. It will benefit us all, not least your lovely friend in The Gambia and his little family.

  5. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I’m all in favour of foreign aid, when we are clear of National Debt, and the NHS is out of trouble. Until then, we should not be involved with charity that we can ill-afford. Our Government should assist, with all Nations, when any disaster happens, and the British people are well known for giving to such events. OTHERWISE, COMMON SENSE PLEASE !

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