OPINION: The Sound Of Silence – UKIP’s Leadership On Free Speech

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  1. Anthony Woodcock says:

    3 cheers for this comment. The walls are very obviously closing in on anyone who critices Islam: For Britain, Britain First, Gerard, also Uni intolerance and “no platforming” – viz Jacon Rees Mogg.

    We must work together to break the bottom of this increasingly totalitarian LibLabCon establishment.

  2. Dan says:

    Well said, Darrell. I am shocked by the official silence on this topic. I’m not sure who our spokesman for this area but clearly the job is not being done.
    Stephen Wolfe and Janice Atkinson are on the ball. Who is speaking for our Party? I am pleased to see that David Kurten realizes what’s going on. But I don’t think he has an official position at the moment .
    The latest police action in kicking Tommy Robinson out of speakers corner shows us how far Britain has gone down the track of becoming a PC police state.
    I think, Darrell, that a lot of Ukip members think that the May/Rudd hate speech clampdown will never apply to them. Bless their little cotton socks.
    But they have a shock coming. Across Europe and the Anglosphere dissent is growing as populations are beginning to resent having mass emigration forced upon them. The whisper turned into a mumble then into a grumble and will soon become a roar. The only way the political elites have responded is by increasing censorship and oppressive laws.
    Apparently Tommy Robinson is going to have a go at reading a speech at speakers corner this Sunday. Sadly I am unable to get there. Perhaps we will see the place reclaimed for Britain and a Union Jack planted there.
    Tommy Robinson is a true British hero and needs all the support he can get. I hope there will be a Ukip banner flying proudly in the breeze.
    This is assuming that Tommy isn’t behind bars for riding a bicycle without lights or some other inane excuse, and assuming that the police let the rally for free speech go ahead.
    It could be that even the very term ‘free speech’ will be banned in the future the way this government is going.

    • Ian Edwards says:

      We ARE a police state. It’s time to realise that. And blasphemy laws (via the ‘crime’ of ‘hate speech’) are already here. Apart from violence against the state I do not know the answer. I see UKIP being crushed by the state as an extremist organisation if it speaks out. Politics and Democracy have failed us, what’s next?

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    You now see what happens as a direct consequence of Government pussy-footing around a problem, and the attempted p.c. attitude to ethnic minorities within British Law. The Law is there for everyone, and no distinction should be made on grounds of ethnicity, gender, class or religion. In this Nation there is only one Law, and it out trumps everything else.
    Why do people come to live and work in UK/GB if they are opposed to the way we do things here ? It is quite possible that where they are coming from, living and working is dangerous, and as a reasonable people, we have an open door for their needs, although real control is required for who and how many enter this Nation.
    Then there is just plain ignorance and rudeness. I remember as a tourist in Turkey, I wished to enter their Blue Mosque, as I was interested in the building. I noticed that Muslims took their shoes off at the door, so I did too. A good sized group of Muslims were attending a ‘service,’ so I kept out of the way, and kept quiet. This is just good manners by a visitor to their country. …… What do we see in our country ? Sharia law set up, instead of our Courts ! Social and sexual values that are in no way British, and animal welfare totally disregarded ! …… and we see our Governments cutting some slack for these rude, ignorant people, and our Laws treated as something for us, but not for them. WHY DO WE PUT UP WITH THIS ?

  4. Eleanor Hill says:

    At least one senior UKIPer is speaking out: here’s Lord Pearson with Tommy Robinson

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:

      Hi Eleanor,

      Thanks for this. We have a post on this upcoming at 6pm.

      Kind Regards,


    • Ian Edwards says:

      Great video. This interview between Tony Robinson and Lord Pearson offers some real insight from the horses mouth so to speak into the problems and possible solutions to the Islamification of Britain and it will be a great test of UKIP as to whether it can adapt and become the champion party for the British peoples not just on the EU front but also to stand up to the Islamic question and it’s promoters. Not only will UKIP be asking it’s members to support a brand new cause but speaking out and questioning the EU was never illegal and we can be sure that Project Fear will therefore be summoning all the power of the law to prevent a resurgent UKIP from asking pertinent questions and frighten away it’s membership by state intimidation.

  5. Bernard Greenwood says:

    When deciding on the next manifesto reclaiming free speech should be the highest priority.This country is on the threshold of a very dangerous place when comments such as can be read here become a target for the authorities.

  6. Ian McKenna says:

    I left UKIP when Farage refused to talk to Robert Spencer in New York. That finally convinced me UKIP was now soft on islam. Then of course there was the unforgivable treatment of Anne Marie Waters, so I cut up my card and cancelled the standing order.

    Islam is the big issue together with immigration with which it is inextricably linked. I thought only UKIP could fight that particular fight but, like everyone else, you let me down. The leadership of the party is behaving like any other insignificant party does, behaving like big fish in a tiny pond. I am only writing this because the article was pointed out to me on FB.

  7. Chris Dark says:

    Are you blocking people on VPN?

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