WATCH: Tommy Robinson Interview Lord Pearson

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2 Responses

  1. Dan says:

    That’s a great watch. I hope this is made available to all our membership and to those who are wondering about joining.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    There should still be enough Christian followers and believers to challenge the claims of Islam. You see, Islam is not in any sense a religion ! It is a belief only. Therefore it is unhelpful for the Pope and Archbishop of Canterbury to make claims that Allah is somehow one and the same with Almighty God ! I for one understand the reasons for these church leaders to make this claim, but by doing so they are serving Government security with political correctness and not God, within which they should give deep thought !
    Lord Pearson’s idea of asking the leaders of Islam, to come down on the side of a peaceful Koran, is a great idea, but it is floored by the fact that the Koran self defeats itself, by backing its teachings both ways, and can be interpreted by individual Muslims, any way they wish, which is not helpful to them or us !
    A Jewish / Christian Saviour was announced centuries before the fact, in what we know as the Hebrews history, and we call it The Old Testament. Jesus was God in a mortal body, by his parentage of God, ( Holy Spirit ), and Mary. He lead by example, and His teachings were recorded by His followers, by way of Gospels and letters to the early churches. His very painful death was the blood sacrifice, once and for all, and ended by His ascension !
    Mohammed was a camel driver, who married a rich widow. Not having to work for a living, he lead his tribe, and unified other tribes by much successful bloodletting. In order to give his successes permanence, he started his ‘religion’ with the help of the Archangel Gabriel who dictated the Koran ! When he died of old age, he omitted to make clear who would take his place, and this split in leadership is seen to this day.
    In an era of proof on everything, The Holy Bible poses difficulties for many, but the way to God is by faith, not proof. The Koran is an attempt to wrong-foot the Bible, hence the inclusion of so many old Prophets of the Hebrews, and Jesus with the whole Holy Family. They had to be included in order to diminish their true standing. ISLAM IS NOT A RELIGION !

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