LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 17/03/18: Biased Advertising?

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2 Responses

  1. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Well done Jim. An interesting article that allows us to concentrate on advertising, beer and swarfiga with scarcely a mention of the EU.
    My only concern is with the need to reduce the world’s population without using the old methods of war, pestilence and famine but that’s for another day.

  2. Chris Dark says:

    I guess the advertisers might consider Britain to be so yesterday as a backdrop for their cars…much more exotic to have a foreign flavour to the proceedings. Also I guess the right-hand drive doesn’t go down well on European TV screens…one advert to fit all countries, and Britain doesn’t match, so left-hand drive it is, then, because we’re in the minority. Just some thoughts.
    Don’t talk to me about washing machines and detergent, heaven knows what they put in the stuff these days but you’re right, if it’s not washed out properly, you get rashes on your skin and then have to bung the whole washload back through again to try and get rid of whatever it was that caused the problem….thus using even more water and defeating the whole object of “saving water”.
    “Fish fornicate in water”….was not aware that fish kept to any particular moral standards, but maybe you meant defecate…in these highly tense dramatic days of British politics, that one had me rolling the floor.

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