JOE SIMONS: The Battle For Speakers Corner

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4 Responses

  1. John Francis says:

    Sunday at Speakers Corner certinaly was not an “absolute victory”. It was simply the first step, in what is likely to be a long, difficult campaign to change the creeping culture of suppressing freedom of speech and political correctness, Marxist style, that is gaining control in our Country.

  2. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    We seem to be citizens or subjects of the Queen, but in a Nation that has become a Them or Us arrangement. To Them I would venture to advise, not to take this foolishness any further, because the possible backlash will be very violent, due to our recent history having been against such action. That has shaped our National character !
    To Us, I would suggest that we prepare for the possibility of unwanted actions that will be taken against the Authorities, as they attempt to force their wishes upon us ! John Bull will not bend to these fools, nor will history !

  3. Eleanor Hill says:

    Great report Joe, and it matches my experiences there on Sunday. I didn’t see Mr Batten, but I did meet and chat to David Kurten. It’s heartening that senior people in UKIP are paying attention to this movement.

  4. Auntie fah says:

    So no mention of UKIP thugs attacking a speaker. I guess the right only care about their right to free speech!

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