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  1. John Francis says:

    This major event was totally ignored by the MSM. Make no mistake that freedom of speech is under threat in this Country like never before.
    The left wing (absurdly named) anti fascists and Islamists and their appeasers are in full flow.
    Supported by the establishment and MSM, a very dangerous alliance is being formed to thwart the will of the British people and to deny us a voice.
    Hopefully, Sunday’s rally at the very apt venue of Speakers Corner, and future planned events such as the Birmingham rally organised by the FLA, will be the beginning of our fight back to reclaim our right to freedom of speech, even if some people are offended by the truth!

  2. Anthony Woodcock says:

    Great news. However, i see the way forward is forever blocked unless we can form a politicsl movement which can defeat the establishment both in Westmonster and in the deep state. Drain the swamp!

  3. Helena Windsor says:

    Who has logged on to Myukip to get vetted recently? We really need to update this. Masses of postings about this event on Twitter, attended, rightly so IMHO by Kippers, yet, technically liking or retweeting stuff from or about Tommy Robinson could get a much needed candidate not passing vetting

  4. Anthony Woodcock says:

    BUT, do I hear correctly that Gerard, Etheridge and Inman are speaking at a rival splinter group at the FLA demo in Birmingham? What is it with UKIP. Please tell me I am mistaken.

    • Darrell Goodliffe says:


      I am not entirely sure but on that day I am in Hull at the Yorks and N Lincs conference and I was under the impression Gerard was speaking there so…..

  5. J.L.Kay says:

    I am gravely concerned that the Left-wing, politically-correct so-called liberal members of British society ( including the Luvvies and university Marxist academics, are slowly but surely undermining the right to free speech in Britain. Note the ‘no-platforming’ of guest speakers in universities, the shouting down of those with a different viewpoint by Socialist and Marxist bully boys and the virtual censoring by the BBC of free and open debate on controversial topics such as the LGBT agenda.

    There is indeed a very sinister undercurrent flowing through society at the present, created and encouraged by those of the Left, especially organisations such as Momentum, who after many years see themselves and those of a similar stripe within touching distance of taking political power. This is a very frightening thought and puts one in mind of the very different societies of Orwell’s ‘1984’ and that of ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’, both linked, of course by the authoritarian nature of those nightmare-like scenarios.

    Of course the Left-wing extremists in this country, of whom there are a growing number, especially amongst the young, would like free speech and the expression of common-sense ideas repressed, because it doesn’t accord with their political orthodoxy. Unfortunately there are fewer and fewer people who
    remember or care about the fact that this country fought a World War against an authoritarian society ( the Nazis)and a later Cold War against Communist oppression across much of Europe.

    The expression of personal ideals and the concept of free speech have always been enshrined in the idea of what it is to be British, at least for several centuries. The Left would, I am sure, like to see these freedoms curtailed. We are seeing at present the rise of the liberal Fascists, who don’t just disagree with your ideas, they don’t even believe that you should be allowed to express them. They need to be kept an eye on by free thinking people across the nation, otherwise we will soon see ourselves ruled by an authoritarian dictatorship of politically- correct Leftist thugs, who wish to crush the idea of freedom of expression. Please note that you can now be reported to the police for hate crime if a private conversation you have with a friend is eavesdropped by a politically-correct individual who is offended by what you are discussing. This is not a joke.

  6. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I never thought I would see this. Freedom of speech under attack in this Nation, of all Nations ! I simply don’t understand this snuffing out of someones views and ideas ! If a person or group has a different point of view to yours, enter into debate on the matter, an exchange of facts from which a logical opinion is reached !
    If this is disallowed, all that emerges is ignorance, but that seems to be what a large section of the population masters in these days. When ignorance is backed and supported by Government, then we are all in trouble !

  7. J.L.Kay says:

    To Mike Maunder and others, it is not just ignorance that is the question here. I believe that we are in a very dangerous situation, where the laughingly-called Conservative government is happy to pander to the demands of extremely small but vociferous minority groups, such as the LGBT movement. Did you know that LGBT activists have forced the Department of Education to introduce an LGBT curriculum in UK primary schools, where children as young as five are becoming indoctrinated with the idea that lesbian, homosexual, bisexual and transgender relationships are normal and natural? Even using the scientific measure of the Bell curve of distribution, they are not ‘normal’ by any stretch of the imagination. I wonder how many parents are fully aware of what is going on. I am not ‘homophobic’ by any means, although that is not a strictly scientific term anyway. I am using this example to demonstrate that the views of ordinary people are being over-ridden, if taken into account at all, and that the expression of commonsense ideas and opinions is being repressed at every turn by a politically correct liberal fascist minority. The government bows to pressure from politically-correct groups because the expression of quite straightforward and commonsense opinions by some individuals is considered inflammatory. I note that the government of the UK for years has allowed genuine hate preachers (mostly Muslim) to walk the streets of the UK and to preach disdain and sedition against the country that has given them a home.

    This has, traditionally, been a country of relative tolerance compared to many others, where people have been able to express opinions freely and openly. This basic freedom is now under threat from a vociferous, politically-correct minority of Left-wing aparatchiks, who now want to suppress our basic human rights, the thing that they’r e always going on about.

    • MIKE MAUNDER says:

      You put good observations forward J.L.Kay. However I still consider that ignorance is the bedrock to this matter, and this ignorance is indeed dangerous in the extreme !

  8. Pamela Preedy says:

    Tommy Robinson is an English hero. I am reading his book ‘Enemy of the State’ right now and the content is shocking. His experiences expose the sheer arrogance of muslims in the south east of the UK, who seem to believe that they can do as they please in someone else’s country – and it appears they can and get away with it. It exposes the incompetence and impotence of the police who, instead of standing for the law and justice, are corrupt and politically compromised by whatever PC government claptrap is flavour of the month. It exposes the Westminster politicians and civil servants, including the secret service, as vindictive, vicious and having no respect for ordinary people’s views or lives. The Houses of Commons and Lords need tipping into the Thames for the crime of dragging our country down and back: down to 3rd world moral stupidity and back to barbarous medieval cruelties.

  9. J.L.Kay says:

    Dear Pamela Preedy
    I heartily agree with all your sentiments.The police, the politicians and the media (with the exception of a few newspapers) are petrified of being accused of being racist and have difficulty apportioning blame where it belongs, in the case of the many hundreds of young, white girls across the country who have been assaulted, raped and sometimes murdered or coming up with the true statistics regarding the ethnicity of most of the criminals walking the streets of our major towns and cities.

    It is a fact that the majority of stabbings and muggings in London are carried out by youths of African and Afro-Caribbean origins. It is also a fact that the majority of fraud, especially banking fraud, is carried out by Nigerians. The majority of people trafficking for the purpose of prostitution is carried out by gangs of Romanians and Bulgarians. The majority of gun running into this country is carried out by Albanians. The majority of illicit cannabis factories are funded and organised by South Koreans. The majority of ‘slum’ landlords are Asian in origin. These are all FACTS that the police and the Home Office don’t want you to know about. That’s a multi-cultural society for you, the one you voted for. Didn’t you? Neither did I. We were never asked if we wanted a multi-cultural, multi-faith society by the politicians in the 1950’s or 1960’s, we just had the whole thing foisted upon us. But of course the whole thing has added to the rich variety of life in 20th and 21st century Britain, hasn’t it. Think how dull and boring life would be without the rich tapestry of experiences that multi-culturalism has provided. Just ask the Germans, the French, the Swedes, the Italians, the Austrians, the Swiss!

  10. Who is Tommy Robinson, and were can i read his speech so i can make my own mind up about this.

  11. J.L.Kay says:

    Tommy Robinson’s speech at ‘Speakers’ Corner’, although written by someone else, reflects the anger and disillusionment of many ordinary people, indigenous members of the UK and other traditionally-Christian European countries, at the failure of mainstream politicians across Europe, notably Angela Merkel, to stem the tide of mass immigration that is threatening to overwhelm our traditional European culture. Immigration in to Europe after the Second World War was encouraged by politicians across Europe, to help with shortages in local industries; in the UK, especially in the NHS, the transport system and industries such as the cotton and rubber industries. In almost all cases, the majority of migrants were, at first, from the former colonies of those European nations, such as Germany, France, Holland and Belgium and later, reciprocal agreements between Germany and Turkey. Most of those people were expected to stay for a short time and then return to their home countries. This didn’t happen.

    Enoch Powell, in his famous ‘Rivers of Blood’ speech, for which he was sacked by Edward Heath for telling the truth, severely underestimated the impact of mass immigration on the UK and would never have believed a situation could arise in 40 years, in which less than 50% of people in London identified themselves as ‘white British’ in the 2011 census.

    The birth rate of children of foreign-born mothers in the UK is 4 times as high as that of white, British women.

    Tony Blair’s government calculated that only 13,000 people would come here from Romania and Bulgaria when our borders were thrown open to them. The figures are about 50,000 per year. There are also 1.25 million Polish immigrants who have come to the UK in the last ten years or so.

    People who have come into Europe from a non-Christian i.e. Muslim culture, in the last ten years or so number between 5 and 8 million.Please note that this has nothing to do with race. These people come from North Africa, the Middle East, Eritrea, Nigeria, Pakistan, India and Bangladesh in the main.

    The mainstream politicians, both in the UK and across Western Europe:
    . are reluctant to discuss these facts in public
    . spread lies and disinformation about the crisis
    . ignore the genuine concerns of ordinary citizens about mass immigration
    . describe talk about the problem as racism or xenophobia
    . wish to silence those who do wish to have a genuine open discussion
    . have put pressure on their various police forces to ignore crimes committed by immigrants on the grounds of inflaming racial tensions
    . ignore the fact that there ‘no-go’ areas in their own countries, even in their own capitals, where white, native Europeans fear to venture
    . ignore all the BAD things about mass immigration (of which there are many)and spread lies about the economic benefits of allowing millions of foreign people who have no connection with Europe to cross in to Europe itself (there are NO net economic benefits, but these figures which are well known to the various governments, are hidden or massaged out of existence by the manipulation of statistics).

    I could go on ad infinitum regarding this matter and especially about the apologists on the Left, who hate traditional British and Western European culture and would like to see the Europe of Beethoven, Goethe, Shakespeare, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Handel, Mozart, Galileo, Newton, Wren, Pierre and Marie Curie, Pasteur, Einstein, Bleriot, etc, etc, etc, expunged from the history books and our past achievements denigrated.

    That would, of course, make them VERY happy. Oh, I forgot to ask where are the African and Asian equivalents of these great people? Oh yes,there was Genghis Khan, who slaughtered millions of people and…..Dhuh?

    Now you know what the fuss was all about.

  12. Miss Bridgit. says:

    The END GAME is a singular Europe . European cultures MUST be destroyed, European identity MUST be destroyed, a one Europe has been in the planning for decades, NOTHING even this Tommy Robinson must not be allowed to disrupt the End Game. It is a Socialist plan and it is socialist that are determined to keep the momentum going.

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