Daily Politics: A Look At The “Brexit Breakthrough”

Marv Hollingworth

Kipper Central Deputy Editor

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If we all thought this through, I am sure common sense would raise itself. We don’t want a hard boarder between the Republic and Northern Ireland. The Irish Republic doesn’t want it either. It is only the EU that sees this as a way forward, and so long as our negotiators keep backing down before the EU on all matters, then this insistence will be softened by the EU.
    Now look at the idea of our total separation from the EU, under WTO terms. The EU would then demand a hard boarder and I assume they would get it by insistence. The key item here is that the Republic would be obliged to cooperate with the EU, much to their annoyance, which could be enough to turn Ireland against the EU, and the main trade from the Republic being with us, could make an exit from EU rather attractive to them.
    I for one would not put money on this outcome, as Ireland has so many factors running through this matter, but it is worth thinking about. Of course, this would depend on our Government checking over the final arrangements, and taking the view that it was not acceptable to us, and then having the guts to go for leaving on WTO terms. Would our Government have such guts ? Well, …………….. ?

  2. Myra Shearer says:

    UKIP is our only hope but the problem is that they can do very little at the present time for various reasons—in-fighting, poor choices as regards leader, financial straits and the need for Nigel Farage to return. Any success will take too much time and time is what they do not have.

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