LOCAL ELECTIONS 2018: What Are Our Messages For The Local Elections?

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  1. David Weaver says:

    I totally agree.

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    An absolutely spot on article that reflects exactly what I’ve been thinking for weeks. Well done Catherine.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    If you say nothing, then nothing will be said about you ! Local issues are of real interest to local people ! As an extra to what is required, be up to date with National and world news, and call it the UKIP take !

  4. Alec Yates says:

    I agree with your points and the need to get our message out there. I am sure Gerard and his team are working on this but there is one big issue that everyone should have on their agenda at the moment – FISHING. Here is what is happening in the SW.

    THURSDAY 29 MARCH (Maundy Thursday).
    An action day in Brixham in support of Fishing For Leave. We need all hands to the pump for this please for handing out leaflets. People were queuing up for information at our last action morning. They want to know that they have not been forgotten and that UKIP is fighting for the clean Brexit for which we campaigned so long and hard. Meeting at 1000 by The Golden Hind, (the replica ship moored in the inner harbour).
    MIKE HOOKEM MEP,EFDD FISHERIES SPOKESMAN, IS VISITING FISHING TOWNS IN THE SOUTH WEST. Mike IS UKIP’S INTERIM DEPUTY LEADER. He will be visiting Newlyn on the 4 April, Brixham on the 5 April and the Isle of Wight on the 6 April. There will be extensive media coverage of his visit.

    Mike’s visit to Brixham will include a public meeting, Fighting For Our Fish, to debate the Future of the British Fishing Industry to be held on 5 April at 1830 for 1900 at the Brixham Yacht Club, Overgang Road, Brixham TQ5 8AR. Speakers will include Mike Hookem, and Councillors Vic Ellery and Richard Haddock. UKIP Councillor Julien Perrett will be chairing the meeting. Could we have some volunteers please to steward and to hand out leaflets?
    Mike will be visiting the Fish Market early the following morning to meet with fishermen who were unable to attend the public meeting.

    Ceri Jayes
    01548 856252
    Chairman, Totnes Branch UKIP

  5. Rob McCullough martin says:

    Number one make dyslexia an actual issue bye announcing that 10% of our population suffers from dyslexia 1% of these suffer from severe dyslexia over 50% of our prison population suffer from severe dyslexia there is a link there so how do we fix the problem well as a party we believe in giving people the tools so they can look after their own interests so why is it that somebody with severe dyslexia who is the mean to the bottom tears of society therefore a cost of something like £3,000 every year or to be fair every three years is a completing possibility by the way so you understand what that £3,000 is for well in order to have a narrator you have to have an operating software with the internet and that operating software needs to be of the top quality and the devices that operating software has to work on I’m afraid has to be of a very good or high quality so latest tablet devices telephones and laptops are able to use the state-of-the-art narration and talk to text technology that is sufficient to understand and use the proper technology no this is of she out of the reach of anybody with severe dyslexia because let’s be frank would you employ somebody who couldn’t read and write

    Number two keep our Green Fields Green well it is UKIP policy to only build on Brownfield sites there are loads of them plenty more than there are I need to however building developers aren’t interested in building on expensive bits of land that they have to test before they’re even able to apply for planning so homes that are affordable by the average wage of the community that they’re being built in and if they’re not affordable then there plans get denied thirdly on this number two point properties of all different qualities that are of standards that we are used to in Britain


    a national investigation of all councils every counsellor that we elect for our party will investigate their council and local councils on the above issue which is paedophilia and rape until we find what the actual answer is and rectify this issue I don’t want my little girls to be at risk I think you wouldn’t want your kids or grandkids to be at risk either and it is perfectly clear with 24 councils reporting significant numbers of young children being sexually abused either by gangs or by online grooming it is perfectly clear this must end and only with UKIP will you have a party that will promise to complete a investigation into your local council to make sure that your counsel isn’t the next Telford Rotherham

    VAT we will be leaving the EU apparently well VAT is a European tax so how’s the party we are going to campaign to scrap VAT to put more pounds in your pocket


    Education we know there is a left wing overthrow within education system so remove safe spaces stop the education system from preventing speakers because of a risk assessment that some left wingers may protest

    children in our schools at primary school level in the majority of our country they have to sit in 11 plus exam now our teachers are overworked and underpaid here is a way that we can inject money directly into each and individual School by offering a tutorial service for the 11 plus so are kids from where ever they come from have the best opportunity when it comes to their future

    offering our kids a job after university or and apprenticeship a guarantee 4 60% of all of Pacific degrees and graduate courses buy companies that will be adopting these children’s education

    NHS offering our NHS the executive pay to be electorally controlled by the council so those people in an executive position their wages are directly controlled by those who are elected
    making sure our NHS is brought back under public ownership
    Scrapping pfi this also happens within our local schools and other government buildings let’s scrap the mall

    remove compensation from compulsory purchase orders where the council have to intervene with the owners occupation of the property more than twice within a 10 year.


    bring back adult education get the local employers who need skilled workers to offer I paid teacher within their technical relevance and offer the free education to those in the constituency

    bring back Sure Start every community every child that is brought into this world should have the opportunity 4 places to go education training play schools scouts groups youth clubs let’s give our kids something to do that’s constructive that means they don’t turn into your bows or join gangs


    Police for every community so a special police officer uniform and training to be offered by the relevant constituency Council and for every Council seat a PCSO position to be created so you have a police officer you know and you can see so they can deal with your local misdemeanours
    bring back our local communities

    there seems to be a lot of places around the country that seems to have lost their name officially why is this well why can’t the local residents of their own constituency have a referendum to see whether they want their old name or the name they know the area by reinstated

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