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  1. Rob Mcculloch martin says:

    It would seem odd already listened to this post even though I didn’t know about it I was just recently up for election on the 8th of March I did do three leaflets those leaflets were mainly about one issue and it was an issue that people are grossly concerned about however it failed point Blank so although I get your sentiments there needs to be a national message attached to it and that national message must be something that is directed towards that community and that issue that you’re trying to raise that’s my belief I also did online campaigning directing certain specific topics to certain specific areas and yes I did pay for some Facebook campaigns I did a professional video where to relevant issues were circulated over 2000 people watch them however that lead to very little success and with the UKIP logo well to be frank my first leaflet was more of an introduction about myself and to local issues and I believe that had more penetration then my next two additions which they were about a one issue which was keeping our grass green in the sentiment basically rather than having concrete put upon them obviously that wasn’t what the

    I got 104 votes I came 5th and I surely believe that had certain things that were planned happened I possibly could have come second it may have even changed the whole election and I came first however they didn’t so I didn’t have activists and I live in the South East where the majority of our activist and members are 25% of our membership is based upon the South East 1000 yet I had 1/2 activists this was the downfall we had a great start To the campaign. But failed to continue people from the same area of Medway didn’t even come out other than the One launch day where they gave half an hour to a couple of hours at best obviously there was a couple of diehards that came out and offered as much help as I could and I graciously appreciate everything they did in actual fact I graciously appreciate everything everybody did in my campaign but at the end of the day we failed

    because of our party not being in the media Every day every week we are failing so I think that has a party we need to start political stunting I do have a suggestion if you wish to contact me

  2. Mike Gascoigne says:

    First we have to get the candidates nominated.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    I think your onto the right track Luke, the drivel that I get put through my letterbox is just astounding, and I just don’t have the time to wade through it. ( and I’m retired. ) ! So as an old Kipper, probably beyond my shelf date now, if some new ideas are out there, then yes, lets give them a try. I have found that just breaking the silence in a shopping crowd, and chatting to people, has about a 1 in 6 chance of a break through. The knack is knowing when to stop, as if it exceeds a time of acceptance, your looked upon as someone to avoid. Get it right and your a good old boy !

  4. Stanley Cutts says:

    Luke, this seems to me like sound advice. Let’s hope it is heeded by all UKIP candidates. Well done!

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