BREAKING: NEC Elections Postponed

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  1. Steve Attwood says:

    No devious undermining of democracy here, let’s just get out the financial hole and survive first, or there will not be a part to stand an NEC election in.

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    Perhaps instead of requiring £200 from every hopeful applicant we could ask the successful ones to pay £500. That will allow all those with ambition and past service to the party, but have not stood for election or been a branch official, to take part.
    The current requirements seem far too rigid and discriminatory.

  3. GRANT SMITH says:

    Honest communication, always a blessing, even in bad times. Totally agree that the ship must be steadied first. When we are through this sticky patch, there is a tremendous opportunity before us; the public are palpably sick of the Tory shenanigans.

  4. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    My dear UKIP. I consider that the delay with internal elections is the correct move to make. I am well aware that money is a big problem, and I can only say that I will be doing whatever I can in that matter.
    I hope that the Party has been able to keep close to Jane Collins with her legal problems. I curse my luck with my health and my age, otherwise I would be giving more physical support. I can only do what I can, but UKIP will not fold for want of my support, with the few shekels I am able to muster. Keep believing and stick with it !

  5. Rhys Burriss says:

    Would there be an argument for conducting the NEC elections at the same time as the Leader election ( on cost saving grounds ) ?
    I think it is reasonable to require candidates to have been EITHER a Branch official OR a candidate in a local / national election ~ but both is perhaps too restrictive.
    What should certainly be changed is the 150 words rule ~it is just insufficient to enable people to describe their career experience and policy inclinations.
    A full A4 page at minimum should be allowed.
    Perhaps KipperCentral ( and UKIPDaily ) should undertake to publish all candidates’ CVs / Manifestos online, albeit I suspect only a minority of UKIP members access these sites.

  6. fred says:

    dictatorship in practice

  7. forthurst says:

    In 2015 there were 41 candidates for the NEC, in 2016, 91. Of the candidates standing in 2016 who were unsuccessful, two names stand out, those of Tony McIntyre and Sebastian Fairweather; Dr Fairweather got 816 votes, Tony MacIntyre did slightly better with 967, neither obtaining even half the number of votes of the lowest successful candidate. As can be seen from this schedule, the overwhelming majority of votes were wasted:

    When Dr Fairweather was appointed Treasurer, his CV was issued by Gerard Batten:

    BA, BChir, MB, MA, PhD, FRCP
    Consultant Physician
    Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust
    Senior Clinical Lecturer in Medicine
    University of Oxford & Fellow of Corpus Christi College, Oxford
    Financial Experience and Positions Directorships
    Earth Collection Bicester Ltd Company Secretary Osler Property Ltd
    Packet Quays Management Ltd
    NHS Financial Management and Responsibility
    Clinical Geratology (turnover £5m) for 3 years
    Acute Medicine (turnover £9m) for 3 years
    Specialist Medicine (turnover £30m) for 5 years
    University of Oxford
    Finance and Budget (turnover £200m) 1993-1994
    Corpus Christi College Finance and Budget (turnover £7m) 1996-2001
    Bursar (chief financial officer and chief operating officer) turnover £7m 2011-2012
    Corpus Christi College Investment Committee 2011-2018 (assets managed £150m)
    Chairmanships & other Positions of Responsibility
    Chairman of the District’s (NHS) ‘Section of Medicine’
    Major involvement in Junior Doctors’ House, and review of working practices (major reviews in 1989, 1992 and 1996)
    Chairman of On-Take Physicians (John Radcliffe Hospital) (& running the acute medical service for a large teaching hospital
    Chairman of the University Committee for Disabled People (involving policy decisions for the University and the raising of £150k for disability services within the University)
    Chairman of the Association of College Medical Officers (by invitation)
    Chairman of the Division of Specialist Medicine (a £30m business), ORH Trust
    Clinical Director of medical services for six years
    University Assessor (a ‘proctorial’ role with responsibility for student welfare)
    Examiner for the PLAB (qualifying exam for foreign graduates seeking entrance to the UK, General Medical Council)
    Examiner for the MRCP(UK) Diploma for Royal College of Physicians London
    Regional Speciality Advisor in Geriatric Medicine for the Royal College of Physicians
    Member of the University Disciplinary Court
    ‘External’ Disciplinary referee for Corpus Christi College
    Examiner, Final MB examination University of Oxford
    Programme Director for the Oxford Deanery Programme in General Internal and Geriatric Medicine.
    Pro-Proctor, University of Oxford (2004-2005)
    Trustee Disability Information Trust
    Trustee Corpus Christi College Governing-Body Fellow (1987-2014)

    Unfortunately, a quarter page amongst all the dross in the Independent magazine was totally insufficient to document Dr Fairweather’s professional background, quite apart from his impressive local activism.

    One of Paul Oakden’s parting shots was to observe that of the current NEC membership, five were duds; who are these people? How many times have they been elected? Nobody knows how well or badly NEC members perform their roles, although we know they are inclined to bring sandwiches.

    We cannot have a repetition of the situation which pertained in 2016 because we cannot be successful as a party unless the best of us are offered the opportunity to assist in the governance of the party. A quarter page in the Independence magazine is more than enough for many who put themselves forward but not nearly enough for the sort of people we need to represent us. I suggest that all candidates for the NEC (and also for Leadership) are required to produce a complete CV along the lines of Dr Fairweather’s and post it on the UKIP Party website so that the majority have a sound basis for voting, voting which should be done on an alternative voting system so most votes are not wasted; we should stop pandering to people who refuse to get internet access because they are preventing us from acting effectively and economically.

  8. Informed says:

    Reform. Did I hear reform?

  9. Barrie says:

    Much is being made of the fishing rights of the EU of late something of that smell is happening in Ukip of late too.

  10. Anjela Kewell says:

    Gerard needs to steady this ship. We need calm waters for a little while. There is much on the horizon so I think it is pragmatic to let Gerard show his own vision and ability for the time being.

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