Bill Etheridge SLAMS Council Tax Rises As ‘Next Great Betrayal’

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3 Responses

  1. Rob Bryant says:

    A large part of every council’s expenditure is spent on immigrants, from the cost of translation to providing council housing and then all the additional costs arising though childcare, or non-care in most cases relating to the enriching immigration, and every other area immigrants demand attention to be given them.
    This is why UKIP must spell out that we are the only party paying attention to the public’s concerns about the race replacement being carried out by all the other parties.

  2. Ian Edwards says:

    Council tax notwithstanding I think UKIP’s problem is that if it appears ‘too’ anti immigration, ‘too’ anti illegal immigration, ‘too’ anti foreign workers, it will be demonised as a racist party by the establishment who will say ‘see, I told you they were racist’ – so it’s got to have extremely strong and appealing arguments that Teflon coat the party from the slur attacks. I don’t think it can do that, else it would have already. So I think it will have to go down the ‘take back control over rampant Islam’ approach as a moral and existential imperative and get on top of that side of it. If it ever achieves that it will build good will and silence (Islam is a religion of peace) critics sufficient to deal with other kinds of illegals and possibly even outright ban on non-European immigration (I mean residency/citizenship immigration, not visitors or students or business visits or visas and the like) unless UKIP is for total European ethnocide within the UK in the long term which is where we are currently well advanced towards just on our current demographics.

  3. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    Immigrants have to be put first ! Your pc Government, Opposition and Establishment insist. But what about the native British, the indigenous population of this Nation ? They can go hang, or in other words, they can form an orderly queue for their turn. we don’t and they don’t want to appear racist do they ?
    Our bought and paid for media will of course tar UKIP with the term racist ! I must admit that personally I could not give a damn. They have used it before, and now it’s old hat ! PEOPLE SHOULD MAKE UP THEIR OWN MINDS !

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