Hookem BLASTS Labour: Whose Side Are You Really On?

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2 Responses

  1. MIKE MAUNDER says:

    The Labour Party has only ever had my vote once, due to their general policy not being to my liking. I could say that is the same for the Liberal Party, though never for the Lib/Dems ! Some decades ago, Labour had an alternative take on how this Nation should be governed. Back then, it was just that, an alternative view that I did not share !
    What is happening now with Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour, is a total lack of direction. He seems to allow the Party to vacillate from one standing to the other, seemingly at a whim. In fact, to me, it seems that he is not leading at all, but is subject to the strongest and loudest view of that month ! The life long Labour supporters are stuck with the support of Labour, only because it is not Conservative, and that is the lowest form of political thinking ! The ‘Labour Leave’ movement is one such group that is thinking the matter through, and could be moved to voting UKIP !

  2. Geoffrey Bastin says:

    There is little satisfaction in attacking John Prescott over the CFP because he is yesterday’s man and our exit from the EU is more complicated than just reclaiming our territorial waters. The UK operators that sold their licenses to foreign operators are also to blame and now the majority of the UK catch is landed in other EU countries and not at home. If we ban or restrict foreign operators from fishing in UK waters then we will find our quotas will not be allowed to be landed in EU ports. We may be content to eat fish that are more to the liking of other countries and our inshore fishing fleets may recover but we will never again see a return to the days when the major UK fishing ports were thriving industries. All trade is now international be it fish or otherwise. Of course we can restrict the number of foreign vessels that currently fish in our waters but that alone will not guarantee the jobs that have already been lost.

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